Beth loved Vince.
Vince didn't love Beth. Vince loved nobody.
So Beth wanted to become nobody.
But she didn't.
She just became one of many girls.


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    Great story! 5/5 stars for you :-D

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    I like this story too! You made it perfect with the single parts, everyone a story in itself. Still, I am sad for Beth... 5/5

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    Great story! As Zora said, the length of the single parts is perfect. I love how you "framed" the story with first an tge last part even though it made me sad how the story ended for Beth. Next to this I really enjoyed your style of writing :)

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    Wow! What an amazing short story! First I thought, it's going to be a longer, but now I think, it has the perfect length. Every word is well placed, I loved the repeating of "Just". 5/5, of course.




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