21st Century Spartacus

Some people say a social life is important. In fact, I had went for many years without particularly striving for one. It wasn't until recently, after getting on some PTSD meds that I'm starting to chill out about certain things. It helps that at coffee shops, at times I'll be confused for some other lady named Kate. I suppose I pass better than I thought.

It has been proposed that the recent boom in tiny houses is do to people suddenly becoming aware that the American empire is at a downturn. Although I don't feel it directly, it's hard to overcome that sense that at some point my life is suddenly going to change drastically, and not necessarily for the better. And this particular kind of anxiety is not something that can easily be medicated aware with psychiatric medication. The particular one I take, and rendered me to the point of not having much energy during the day. It makes trying to write anything besides rant and raves somewhat difficult. I spend most of my days watching Russia Today, that had recently been forced to register as a foreign agent. Although I have the know how and awareness to use places like DuckDuckGo and Starpage, even going so far as to create my own UnWeb Search engine, I can't help but think of other people that are unable to access information, the truth about our world.

At night I dream about people in foreign countries attacked by the United States, and how in a way our own history of slave revolts is similar in a way to the historical Spartacus. I also wonder how indeed, such an event like what happened in those days, could be replicated. Somebody has to be the Spartacus, and yet as noted by other before me and far wiser, we have been dumbed down (or must of us) over the last few decades since the end of the sixties. I'm not entirely sure what to do about it. But it makes one feel isolated, if not crazy, when one is informed of actualities, and yet marginalized by society. I am a trans woman, I have autism, and I have obsessions with multiple different things. People have said that I never seem to stick to one thing, although for me this is largely a matter of adaptation. I see other millennial youth, who follow the new resistance pattern sponsored by the establishment, without being aware of the phenomenon of controlled opposition.

You know what they call a resistance sponsored by your government? This is called a Coup De Etat, French for "Hit By The State". The United States have sponsored quite a few across the world, and now such one is being pursued by the current administration. However we may feel about Donald J Trump, it sets a dangerous precedent to allow the congress and military industrial complex to have more power than the president, and therefore more power than the people. And yet the people themselves had increasingly lost power, the presidents acting in the interest of companies like Wall Street, Soros, and the Koch Brothers. Among other corporate giants. I'm not one of those that aligns either against the Koch Brothers or George Soros. They're both part of the same problem, as in Chevron and Exxon Mobile. Yet you'll find companies like Exxon falsely advertise to switching to cleaner energy solutions.

In my own resistance, I do not go to rallies as part of a band of misfits. Nor do I align with specific causes outside of myself. Because I know that the best I could do is rendering my lifestyle in such a way that I make the state irrelevant rather than to directly fight against them. People have thought that there would be a crackdown on Bitcoin a few years back, but as it turns out only ZCash as we later founf out provided true anonymous transactions. And for all we know even that may later come out with some serious security flaws. Within any kind of public key framework, it's almost always going to be susceptible to a a chosen plain text attack. Which is why I think public steganography is so important. You'll have protesters that not only are they falling into the Obrien's Trap, they're also choosing to not use any kind of cryptographic protection system.

Out in the open, cold in the night. Covered in blankets under the rain. While the desire for protest is itself a noble thing, these protests are aimless and disorganized.

A Spartacus is needed.

But I know who will be it.





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