Excasperation and fear are mingling deep inside me,
we're flying across the vast blue sea...
To be honest, I'm shivering like a chihuahua now.
I'm trying to stay calm but I don't know how.
With collywobbles I'm grabbing my boyfriend's arm,
while waiting unconciously for an alarm.
My fingernails are scratching his skin,
although I do not want to hurt him.
Minutes pass, I'm not able to move.
Couldn't there be somebody to prove,
that my worries are nothing but groundless thoughts?
I'm turning away from the window, searching for some spots
to fix without clouds and sky,
waiting for the time to go by
as fast as possible,
without an obstacle...
My eyes are closed, on my lips a silent prayer,
I swallow down my giant fear.
Hopefully the end of our flight is near...


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    Great poem! I also feel a little uncomfortable in a plane luckyly I'm able to get this thoughts out of my head pretty good. Hopefully your fear will disappear or at least decrease some day ;)

  • Author Portrait

    can totally relate.. and you described the feeling perfectly!




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