is it asking a lot
to have you see things from my eyes
when it is painful - is it not?
for you to realize
that what you thought, and said, was wrong

it's just asking too much to have you tag along
with my silly thought-experiments
because you're the type that never understands
as soon as things are already talked about
with your opinion uttered clear and loud
it'd hurt to back down
and turn around
would it not
be asking a lot?

would you make an exception for me
and open your heart, just a little, to see?
i know, open hearts easily bleed
even just from a thought
and even if this would be just what i need
it's asking a lot

you got a minute, for me, and me alone?
but time is something you can't get back
and regret can even cut through bones
so the last time i checked,
this would be asking a lot

it's so hard
and i'm so soft 
but you are, too

i should stop
asking a lot
and asking too much of you





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