Hello. :) This text was written without even knowing what's going to happen in the game "Life is strange: Before the storm", so you definitly won't get spoilered. :D Well, I had some ideas of how the story can be and I already knew Chloe, but I am really, really excited if this text fits to the actually story. I haven't played the game yet. But I will. :)
This text is about Chloe with all her problems and struggles. I'll give a triggerwarning: This text includes (somehow between the lines) the topic suicide.

Enjoy reading! :) <3

Begin again
What to do with a person who just wants to escape ?
Is there any way you can help ?
Or did she still choose the way she will take,
no matter how hard you try, what you do and say ?,

What to do, is there any way to help,
when your best friend stays in front of a train ?

Trying to distract herself, to have some fun,
trying to forget problems, a night long,
It all stays the same, she just can not hide,
she can not escape, from her own life,

Facing her demons, everytime,
they are always there, in her mind,
she doesn't care 'bout her life, everything seems in vain,
she's tired of this fight, and wants to give in,

And when everything in yourself is screaming for a way out,
and you are tired of being brave, and the voices keep being loud,
and when nothing makes any sence, you don't even wanna wake up,
when you lost it all, your dad, your friend, and you're shortly before a breakup,

Would you stay here with me, play hide and seek,
make cupcakes made of sand ?, you and me, hand in hand ?,
would you give me this one chance, to show you that it's not too late,
Would you take my hand ?
To begin again.

She just wants to escape, to hide and run away,
but she can't run away, from her life and herself,
maybe she'll learn to live with this pain, maybe she'll try to begin again,
'cause what happend can't be erased, and what's lost can't be replaced,

who went through times darker than the night, will esteem the smallest light,
maybe she'll decide to take one last try, but maybe she'll just break down and cry,
maybe she just wants to escape, to hide and run away,
maybe she's lost and lost herself, staying in front of a train.

Refrain II:
Would you turn around ?
Would you face your demon ?
Then I will bring you back to life,
Would you do that just one more time ?
Would you take my hand ? To begin again ?
Or would you turn your back,
and keep staying on these tracks ?

Thank you very, very much for taking this time and reading my text! :) <3





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