Chapter 2

Take A Chill Pill

His frame Metal
they were in this muscle club They had a gift it was somehow so rare it was an energy that was coming stronger but she was in charge of that her name was Rosetta, when someone walked by her she froze like a rose she needed to be reborn again.People didn’t like her on Mothers Day. She needed to bloom more May was the season but she was as stiff as a hard drive. She needed his oil can her metal was always melting but not with love the Cosmos and half metal, she was always in the lab finding new age better medicines. Oh! Metal Heart take a chill pill.

Are we all ready for a chill, did our live’s get to be on med’s stealing prescription’s, or every product on the internet

Becoming junkies Doctors are making more money excuse me Britney shakes spear me thou shall not believe Ripley’s believe it or metal it. I’m a nature lady I need a flower soft silky bloom pedal it.Are you so tickled chrome pink with my fancy cell I- O-U metal heart phone.I’m not your honey I am losing my metals holy religious freaks Scientology went insanity more divorces those metal heart court cases please let this chill-out. What a count so many metal coins some of them were worth the chilling. Dracula in the hospital blood type transfusion the men with the pacemakers what a celebration with streamers what a bad influence of people.

Walking through heavy smokers private club dead-head dreamers.They needed to stay up needed their bullet beans of a cup silver metal. Times Heavy square server what a platter all ammunition of the best silver. That was Terry Techlee his brother was Tech lie.He loved the diamond exchange if he had his way he would turn everything into rare metal

They needed more European dead to the sea minerals chrome sparkle crystals what love makes anyone with robot combat type metal Feeling like the walking dead taking night sex education we became robots studying “Scientology” feeling like someone flooded through my brain. I didn’t wash for 9 1/2 weeks until I realized I was pregnant.Well! it’s almost time for my celebration baby shower origami folding stroller for what how is my baby going to turn out? I wasn’t aware that I was pregnant. another gift the why cry is it for me or my baby analyzer why on earth would anyone need to be analyzed Oh metal heart take a chill pill baby Jason Melbourne Identity metal chip brain needing another outlet. I need my own outlet smart sock testing a babies heart rate. Saying over and over again if I only had a brain those terror two’s tarnished me.

We're built like machines anyway pacemakers nothing feel real in our hearts lately. How could this be was I drugged everyone resembled my high tech washing machine recycled over and over again. What night courses was I really taken? His biceps working out at the Tin Men Gym with his fireworks and blow me down like fireworks Girl sexy gear of fun new age of erotic pills. 

He’s banging so hard flooding your bed. You feel drugged.Not knowing where you are. Do I have another alternative sixty-nine metal scraps route? Does anyone have the right pills to take and put their feelings aside for once! Maybe hanging over the Brooklyn bridge all nude holding onto the metal who on earth really care’s. Knocking on Hell's spine-chilling fed’s they were so dedicated to their job forget about it getting married what type of life please have a heart of cold stone if I only had a brain wait a minute they are metal heavy metal band sounds fine all-metal wedding. When always traditionally white maybe a Greek wedding? Well, this is the modern chill pill world Well! how much olive oil can they serve did my husband to be or dear lord buys me a Mercedes Benz it has the right metal burn baby burn.The ten-man he needs to loosen up "Tin Man Muscle Gym"

Next page cut on my not human finger, inked your word’s Robin breasted red metal exhibition, became his object ritual subject. His eyes have seen too many beauties to class her as one. She was more of a good metal beyond. So gifted like her forces enhanced became larger and bigger but it was a strange movement shifting around, he enter’s me. My century tormented. On the next page lonely, like hell commented. Dark so articulate, was this my fate calling me. Amazon’s I became his modern edge product Chill wrap subject.The best heavy metal groups in Germany Accept true value metal decades Rammstein and Scorpions like the God Fathers another one the Kreator and Sodom metal hammer X mark her spot.At the Wacken Open air archetypal German Wolf Hoffman killer metal flair.This world has many changes more mass and muscle to build our Kingdom. 

Things better change medieval times cheating myself goods of the world underground, take another chill close to afterlife pill don’t eat my silver cyborg and China oh I forget you all metal mentally ill my dear I won’t bend you chill out take a number. Aren’t we all numbers let’s wait you should get a medal. I have the real pill everyone dresses in heavy metal fashion wear club Studio fifty shades darker Madonna with her some 4 minutes Gothic metal designer dress it became dark spirit studio erotically art 54 clubs in New York City. You need 50 shades of the group Scorpion heavy metal sharp bleed here's to the Queen heavy metal crown became her bad seed. They all needed to escape their bodies like Zombies so bent out of shape. We are all metal and the 4 minutes it will take you they won’t accept you. Sex pills of my private parts supermarket. Stock him he’s frozen balls canned I became banned touched his can devil relish.He crushed my cheeks like Rotten Tomatoes. 

My music played so pop next new surgery those fire jerk off well known they played heavy metal deep inside Dr. Metal-head  Miss Olive oil Office. No place like home Dorothy distress to hide walls caving all metal and wired in Gynecologist did that make any sense?? Like Holy water and she had to be the Olive oil of beauty but it didn't mix well with some other forms of metal. So dense and wicked devil Symphony Should I mark him my death metal list please Tech-lie don’t twist? Things got to bend we needed to make peace and mend things up Fresh mind Mr. Clean robot cleaning up the metal hearts of the lonely club bands. Oh, Merci" me please God nothing is combated easily. I don’t believe everything?? Don’t be so sinister expression is said maybe someone will throw you off the Brooklyn you should get a metal bridge?Why on this planet did you not realize to see the Jewish dentist he has plenty of bridges.You could find him near the Trump Towers.





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