I'm a demon living for quite some years, 
the reason for sorrow, the reason for tears,
the dark gloomy shadow under your bed,
and the thoughts oft dispair within your head.
Call me a nuisance, or call me a beast,
please give me some new names at least.
I've gotten so tired of that same old thing,
which I have to repeat all over again and again...

Well, a lot of people have played with me,
it was so funny hearing them beg for mercy...
But I don't know why they even complain,
they led me in, I'm not really to blame.  

And the whole story they already knew,
startet without them having a clue...
That's why I really love the moment they realize what's going on,
not knowing that I actually already won.

Seeing their hope for escape slowly die,
hearing them all shout and cry,
makes me realize who I am and why.

Don't give me that irritated look,
it's a piece of cake...

Baba, dook, dook doooook!






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