Chapter Three

She had some set backs creating the Luna Browser, which was a local HTML file browser and a means of anti-spy ware. Essentially an espionage tool, a counter-espionage tool, the Luna Browser would be distributed by a USB flash drive, with a label on it saying--Luna Browser. Distributed on the sneaker net, users would engage in remote viewing in order to find distant and hidden target using random number coordinates. She developed a word for a specialized form of remote viewing slightly different from Scientific Remote viewing. Lucide Vie, lucid life. Rana would use Krita as a means of drawing ideographs, in order to quickly switch from signals from the unconscious mind to the drawings on the page. She would also find a way to rotate ideographs using a Caesar cipher, and only use symbols she was familiar with in order to conceal messages. In the driver's seat, she would engage in the lucid life in order to find distant locations across the globe, using anonymity networks. The anonymity network that was loosely based on the Firefox web browser, but had various differences in its construction.

For Rana, remote viewing was still an early practice, and she was balancing this with leaning French, from her teacher who had the same name, but was beyond all shadow of a doubt a different person: a French lady, possibly slightly anti-American, and other things she did not know. Our Rana was trying to build an anonymous network of ESP spies, in order to cover her tracks, so that she did not have to worry about law enforcement finding out about her particular brand of vigilantism, against various kinds of cyber crooks in deep crannies. She would infiltrate various circles on-line, and meet up with different people off line, despite herself being essentially a loner just like the owl she would write about in children's stories, back when she still had the energy to write them. Yet now her life was focused on keeping her secrets secret, and her espionage life beyond the glimpse of her parents prying eyes. Beyond the glimpse of the five English speaking eyes, with one country whose president aimed to eliminate the privacy protections of the INTERNET completely, and send the nation into a new nuclear war.

Rana was not sure what a nuclear war would be like, although she knew that mainstream news networks talked a lot about the possibility. She was unsure how crazy North Korea was, and how crazy the current US president was also, if he didn't get impeached and convicted first. Although the cynical part of her couldn't even hope that he could get thrown out of office, and into a pit of dogs in metallic barred cages.

She masturbated to tap dancing girls.

She wanked throughout the last decade.

And now for a decade more.

-- The past present is my present past. Yet the past at times feels so far away. Even now as I long for my own day, I want to be someone else some other way. Yet in lucid dream, I scream. In consensual hallucination I shudder, I scream, I wander, I sleep walk dreaming of, longing, for days drawing with chalk. Yet the sunlight fades. Yet the sunlight fades, it's over now. And the darkness consumes one within the night. Come on this midnight dreary, the sky worn and teary. Come to the night, said Rana.

Rana said goodbye to the old miseries.

And welcomed another set.

Another world.

In the early era of the internet, web pages did not used to be addicting. Yet now as social media takes center stage, the corporate internet fills the inter webs with frivolous games people play. Whether it is simulations of living on a farm, or other stuff designed to track your behavior. Yet back in the early days of the internet, devices had to be physically transfered over to another computer, and it was sometime a little later they came out with wired connections. In this time, web pages were still largely green text on black screens, although participated in message boards now considered obsolete. Yet now in the world of HTML5, colors filled the world as another layer of reality, and screen try to find the latest 3D holographs to distribute on spy phones. Rana wanted to go back to the era when web pages were simpler, so she could no longer be addicted to colors on the screen. And there was only text.

The transfer of files from one laptop to another was largely instantaneous. It only took a simple four way multi-port to transfer files on any particular USB drive. And because it was offlne, she didn't have to worry about people judging her for her programs she was developing on the medium. She was developing a method of correlating different session details in remote viewing, so that eventually two different people can get a fuller picture of space and time. Yet now with the world of the regular inter webs, it was difficult to find anyone that accepted anything else besides video channel Atheist stars, who more often than not knew less about the bible than Atheists in the flesh. Having survived different cult groups herself, she didn't quite understand how other people could fall into such traps, she preferred looking at cute traps on anime porn sites. In her studio flat, she would try her best to stomp on termites, yet they were few and far between. She wore a BDSM blindfold and a sleeping mask, and began to go to bed earlier to order to get up at more normal hours of the morning.

Yet for Rana, the idea of linear time and space felt artificial and abstract. Certainly at that present time it never carried any kind of concrete value, as she spent most times writing different kind of programs. She wanted to try and relearn Python, and eventually find a way to use Ruby, Python, and HTML. As certain langauges were better for some things and not others, and a lot of the programs she wanted to do in Ruby there was simply no such capability in HTML, but Python was essentially Ruby without the end statement. In a way her life felt similar to the Python programming language, with no end in sight. Instead she would hope her flow of conversation was properly formatted, despite people sometimes being confused about what she was trying to say.

Yet beyond the city life, there were Confederate flags.

And for Rana, she was leery about the idea of going back home for Beach season, as she had gotten used to the culture of living downtown, perhaps a remnant of having lived just outside of Seattle. In cities, people were largely assholes. But at least you could trust them to be assholes. Yet in the Sticks, there was no telling whether she would ever even find another human being other than her parents, which she only saw in the mornings. And yet, in a way it was always morning. Her life always in abstract mourning.

A mourning for reality.

A mourning for affection.





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