Chapter Two

Outside the world of the net it was her own path toward self-destruction, and yet at times she did so, the world still moved on without her. When you attempt to take your own life, your whole world seems to vanish into than air. And yet the world getting rolling on the train tracks toward its own self-destruction decades down the line.

When she took herself some comet, she blended it with goodies powder, in order to quench a head ache beyond head aches. The pain made her want to end it all several times. Because she was up in Washington constantly experiencing sexual assault, she was not around anyone that did their best to try to stop her. The world kept going in the direction it was headed, with no real idea of what direction it would go. It was then, with all the terror of the world in her eyes, she came to realize a very simple truth: America may seem like the richest country in the world, but we live in a very fragile infrastructure. Very few people realize that, if people in several of our biggest colleges through the United States decided to have a mutiny, our whole infrastructure would slowly collapse in on itself, and society that doesn't appreciate Free and Open Source software would find it self edging toward disaster. A non abstract disaster beyond the range of Armed Forces bombing seemingly distant worlds like Syria, Baghdad, and Russia.

She found herself constantly in and out of consciousness, in those lonely rainy days toward the end of the year people still wondered if HRC would still get the presidential seat, before most of the public had become aware of the fact that Russian had compromised our election, although technically speaking it was no computer hacking, despite how the mainstream media depicts. The bits of pixels on home laptop screens on video networks are one of the few truly free places in the United States, and yet they are riddled with false DMCA notices. Leaving behind the decentralized networks, she was lost in the fall.

This was why she wanted to develop Luna networking, an alternative to the inter webs as we know it. She wanted a place to be free from the isolated anonymous judgment that hide behind social networking screens, yet she didn't want to share the concept with the wider inter webs, despite that people could choose who they networked with. Unlike the normal inter webs, there were no ISPs that could purchase access time. And you could route it through several computers down the line, not like a train constantly rolling where the tracks take it. But like motorcycle kings on the edge of the road, heading toward their eventual crash.

Yet now when she travels the Chattanooga streets, she looks at drivers with a kind of disdain. She wanted to give peoples tires a slash.

And watch them crash.

Rana finished a local page browser called The Luna Browser. It browse across various pages not published on the corporate web. While some may view the fact that one could not view images a touch of a downside, she found that it suited her needs when she didn't want to browse to anywhere besides a local source code. The only way to open the page was through a USB drive, something that had came out after blue rays starting going the way of the dinosaur. Every now and then you might find a four gig USB, but the ones she had purchased were sixteen gig. And now she blogs on her own web page away from the glances of prying corporate eyes, no longer having to use an advertisement blocker in order to block advertisements on her blogging platform. Through the told stories of her own life without proprietary censorship, as those corporate net slowly fading into a kind of abstraction, as it went down with the ship.

She wrote programs using Emacs, and browsed the unweb using Lynx, whose name comes from a miniature wild cat slightly bigger than a house cat, that when all is said and done, is pretty much a wild house cat. The browser went through various generations, but when she had tried it previously she had been unsure how she felt about it. She loved minimalist word processors, but there was something different about the Lynx text browser. But now she found the tool indispensable. She could not could browse through multiple unpages, knows as Luna pages, and separate herself from a constant stream of inane ad-ware, and no longer have to use add ons that break her browser. She lavished in the glow of the unnet.

Based on the old sneaker net and dead drops, she wanted something that wasn't nearly so public, and not as prone to high latency, not prone to the flow of traffic on the interstate. She could hand her friends USB drives, and from them to her theirs. And she could pick and choose who she networked with, not having to worry about Turkeys and shits on the inter corporate web. It was easier to deal with one issue at a time, and now that she no longer had to worry about trolls, and she focus on sorting out her life.

She blogged long.

She said goodnight, so long.

She flashed her glove lights.





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