Afterwards, Jessica wasn't sure if the present had been meant kindly or as a joke at her expense. It was her thirtieth birthday. She rather suspected that one or more of the girls at work had been trying to rub her single status at such an advanced age, in her face. It wouldn't surprise her. What had surprised her, at first, was the gift certificate for a taxi ride. She hardly ever needed to call a taxi. Not unless she was out travelling. And this was for a taxi service in the area where she lived and worked.

When she had time to look more closely at her gifts - the usual flowers and chocolate plus the gift certificate, she noticed that the latter was referred to as a Discount Code 51. She puzzled over that for a while, but decided it was just the taxi service's way of making you feel special. Just like normal-sized containers for soft drinks were always called Mega Large or Humungous or something like that.

Not until the night almost four months later, when she'd missed the last train home, did she look more closely at the gift certificate that was tucked away in her hand bag. On the back of the piece of paper there was a reference to a web page where she could decode the Discount Codes. Code 51 appeared to include not the cab drive, but a special service or show that would take place in the cab.

Jessica began to wonder if the whole thing was just a prank, and wasn't really going to get her a cab ride after all, but she clicked the link on the web page to see what was included in the 'very special' offer that was Code 51. She was glad she was sitting more or less alone in the deserted train station, except for the security guards making their rounds every five minutes or so. Her eyebrows rose in astonishment.

You could, apparently, ask for a gay, lesbian or straight peep show, with one or two participants, or you could ask for one or two prostitutes of whatever sex you preferred to join in the fun yourself. Her first impulse was to call Jenny and give her a piece of her mind. That wasn't funny. So apparently, she was such an old maid that she needed to pay for her kicks. Sadly, that wasn't too far from the truth. It was almost two years since Marcus had broken up with her and almost as long since she'd been out with anyone. The single guys at work had already been out with all the single women, at least once already.

Again, she began to wonder if the entire site wasn't an elaborate hoax but found apparently serious testimonials. Clearly many women and a number of men had received these gift certificates and everyone, without exception was happy about their shows. Weird.

Well, apparently there really was a taxi service, that you could use to get home with, and since the other taxi services in the area would charge her an amount that equalled about three-four times what her train fare would have cost her, she decided to have a go. If the driver or whoever was in the taxi looked too weird, she'd back out and pay the higher price to get home. There was no harm in checking things out.

So she entered her gift certificate number and waited while her own 'special page' loaded. There she ticked the box for a peep show featuring two 'twenty-something' men - you could also choose older men, but not younger, which was a relief. Why not try something different? Something special? She was beginning to get excited. Not that kind of excited, but excited to try something new, something she would never have been able to see under normal circumstances. Guys did this sort of thing all the time, or least claimed to. So why shouldn't she?

She received a message, saying that her cab would arrive for her in fifteen minutes' time. Ten minutes later she was beginning to have second thoughts. How could this be real? Maybe there was a hidden camera and in a little while, she'd realize she'd been made a fool of on one of the commercial channels. That would really give Jenny and Nina something to laugh about for weeks to come.

Then a very elegant limousine slowed down and stopped outside the railway station's main entrance. Very stylish. Jessica picked up her bags and walked hesitantly towards the car.

A uniformed driver got out and opened the door to her then asked politely if she wanted help with her luggage. Since she hadn't been away for that long, she only had her hand bag and a tote bag, she declined. There were two back seats. She'd never been in such a huge car before. In fact, she'd never been in a limousine before at all. After closing the door behind her, the driver was now back in his seat. She could tell that there were two other men in the seat between them.

First the driver addressed her through a speaker above her, asking about her address. She told him, then made herself comfortable.

The window pane separating her and the other two men was pulled down, revealing two very hot young men in their mid-twenties. One was blonde and the other had darker hair. They smiled invitingly at her.

"What's your fantasy, ma'am?"

She felt her cheeks go a deep, hot red and felt the pulse pounding in her ears. For a second her mind was a blank. What was she going to say?

"Oh, well, why don't you just - get started. Slowly."

"As you wish."

They both smiled provocatively at her and she cowered down in her seat, feeling like a fool. When they started kissing, she soon forgot herself and began to pay attention to the show. It really was something else. She'd never seen anything like it in real life, at least. Wow. This really was amazing.

The drive home took about half an hour, and during that time, she really would have had her money's worth, that is if she'd paid anything for the show. As for the actual fare, it was relatively moderately priced. Only about twice what her train ticket would have cost. It was definitely worth it. Tonight, or tomorrow at the latest, she would join all those enthusiastic clients who had praised the service on the web site. Her testimonial would be just as glowing.

She also really liked the driver. He was young, handsome, soft spoken and polite. The way he made eye contact with her without invading her boundaries was really attractive. She wished she could see him again. Maybe she could. She had a feeling she would be one of their most faithful customers from now on.


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    What a nice Idea. I'm glad you joined us - it's about time we got some more quality english erotica here as well. Any chance that taxi service is expanding to austria any time soon? :-)




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