Another sun was made of darkness
another baby born a carcass
in a kingdom ever ruled
by a scepter never jeweled
in the hands of someone dead
with a crying severed head
stuck upon the public square
for them to mock and him to wear

his future's past, his kin lamented
his frown was last, his mind demented
the sullen knight of madam Misery,
a thousand battles and no victory,
lastly sought to end the aching
but even Death refused to take him,
then his soul by her demand
forever roamed the empty land

the dream of a man stuck in a boy
played many games, always the toy
loved by none and used by all
only flew when he would fall
leapt with faith as lies would shove
mistook each smile for that of love
and his hatred took proportion
when he realized his misfortune
so he forged his chain of penance
into blades of flaming vengeance
cursing it as rings would shatter
under slams of Satan's hammer.
To right the wrongings unforgiven
a pact was made, a name was given.

Atop the blackest screeching horse
burn the eyes of no remorse
lava sprinkles from his mound
as his gallop scars the ground
to the pulse of searing veins
on the arms that hold the reins
swinging from the broiling shoulders,
a pair of torrid cut up boulders
sewn up by the threads of dread
snaking from the smoking head
flowing streams of flailing hair
with naked bloodlust in its stare
leading twenty thirsty legions
Kimaris, the vengeful demon.

As the night fills up with screams
hunted by the worst of dreams
a sack of pus that no one needs
in a chest forever bleeds.





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