Kiddo are you out there having fun
been two years since I saw the sun
kiddo d'you still talk to creeps
wearing sunsets on your cheeks
it's been too long so I forgot
the smell of air, I kid you not

the world remains a scary place
where growing up's a losing race
so did you manage to keep pace
and those freckles on your face

I hope at least the rainbow's there
above the raindrops in your stare
or you've lost it as they brewed
it's a thing that grownups do

I've been playing with our toys
just the way you do with boys
while I garnish all our totems
with the blood of guilty poems

you witnessed my immortal technique
in these games of hide'n'seek
I wanted to win, but couldn't resist
"Cuddles forever" on our bucket list

it took me a while, but I'm coming out
to the sound of a giggle, or the scorn of a pout
in the glimpse of a tackle, or eternity of a flout
with remnants of courage, in fear of finding out.





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