I sometimes wonder
what it would be like
if we were living
in a dystopia of glass

people would be made
of glass entirely
you could easily
see through
all these walls
the softest flesh
crystalline bones
ribcages filled with flowers
under the hardest of shells
- and all the demons
that only exist
untill dawn rises
were coming out to play

no hiding
only hearts worn on sleeves
but vulnerability everywhere

how devastatingly beautiful
that thought sounds to me

but if you are holding too tightly
I'll probably break
under all the layers
and walls out of stone
carefully guarding
things that no one ever should see
in my dystopia of glass

how devastating
that thought sounds to me.


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    I really like your poem^^ It makes me thinking about somebody I know....keeps hiding his true feelings behind a huge wall...Sometimes I would like to see right into his heart...

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    It's a wonderful poem, one of the best you ever write (but all you write is wonderful). More honesty, more open hearts, more understanding, this thoughts comes to me, when I read it and you describe it so wonderful with the world and bodys of glass, gorgeous! (sorry my English!)

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    amazing, once again <3

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    Wow, the good poems just keep coming and coming today :) I love me some dystopian thoughts to go to bed with, and honestly I fear your visions might not be as surreal as they sound at first. Good Job, lumenluminis. (That means "Light of the Lights", if my remaining understanding of latin is not completely failing me?) Good job!




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