another silent night
as the last nightmares,
but I was conscious.
Sad news remember
it is the harsh reality.

you went from us and will never again come back. Hours of emptiness are now behind me.

 Despair, oh how could you let that happen it ends?
miss hurts a lot,

you seemed superficially important,
but it is fleeting and you will miss me.
 quiet the senses, you should speak,
for you God gave a voice.

but that was rather silent you.
my heart is torn to piepes, beyond repair. where should I go .
 have yet to wander no force.
the pain suppressed all senses. eaten nothing since Friday and slept.

the scraps from the left my remaining heart,
 crying quietly and whispered to me: ". do not be sad it does not have to end its just because it is there and is over nothing is eternal, as a loving heart.."





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