Violence is a weapon,
used by the weak
violence is a clue,
for something we seek

it's but a feeling
close to insanity
ever appealing
to slaves of calamity

used to protect
and sometimes disarm
but never correct
and always to harm

it brings out the raw,
it kills all the zen
a very dangerous flaw
in the hearts of all men

compassion is a dream
passed on by the kind
or so it would seem
to those with a mind

to others it's utterly useless
like the sun is to the blind
for in all their rudeness, they're ruthlessly fruitless
for they are trapped in the past, and look only behind

compassion is devotion
to kindness and selflessness
empathy set in motion
in defense of defenselessness

the hand of violence stretches
across the whole wide world
stealing the youth, producing wretches
heartless men of beliefs absurd

to such a tragedy, kindness replies
but that's only a choice, which evil denies

"We kill for peace, and freedom's breath"
well here is the truth
you kill only for death

the only road to utopia
is forgiveness and repentance
and the one to dystopia
filthy hatred and vengeance

if you really wish to aid
you should keep your faith unswayed
you will see that you are smart
when you truly trust your heart

let compassion shine away
all of sadness and dismay
greet the light in all its might
purely happy at that sight

the cruel proposed
compassion for hostility
didn't take long, chaos arose
millions fell, to susceptibility

belief against belief
faith against faith
chasing endless grief
eaten by the wraiths

violence plagues the Earth
rots it away, slowly, like cancer
but its growth was never of worth
for compassion, is the only answer

it's all, though, a competition
don't you feel the repetition?
ever trapped in a complex position
of making violent or compassionate volition

like an infant and its mother
one won't go without the other

don't you know about that fact?
all the opposites tend to attract
in your mind, they made a pact
that they will toy with you in fact
deciding your fate, before you react
sadly, such a theory, is only exact.





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