Freya's pearls besiege the sky
fires spur beneath our dye
desire burns within the eye
a dire stir begins the spry
with throbbing pride we live to die

a toast to plunder
my brothers brave
I boast to thunder
my druthered grave

may we dine and sing tonight
for tomorrows are unknown
pray divines will fling the light
on the morrows they bestow

slain be he who growls not
when the anger's calling forth
sail with glee to prowl atrot
send the anchor falling north

if the waters seek our deaths
we shall give a louder roar
with the fathers' streak of breaths
we shall live and cower Thor

in the lands of sleeping suns
Loki's snicker bends their will
split the hands of weeping sons
won't we drink when they are still

lastly dream with yellow steel
flail awoken, leash your manna
vastly teem with mellow zeal
hail Odin, reach Valhalla.





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