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Follow my dream

I was used to dream although I didn't sleep,

was used to believe in things I couldn't reach,

I was optimistic and now look at me,

my dream is caught deep inside of me,

it's like a bird that wanna fly over mountain tops,

that wanna do all of the things they say he can not,

and do you know what ?, I actually wanna free this bird,

if there weren't the parts of me that are too scared,

why am I afraid of following my heart ?,

I am afraid 'cause risks can bring me back to the start,

I am afraid of flying 'cause I might brake my bones,

when I'm getting higher and higher and finally falling down,

why am I afraid of following my heart ?,

let my goals and dreams be my guard,

I am afraid of flying 'cause I might fall on the ground,

but isn't it right the position where I'm coming from ?,

why should I stay on the ground when I'm able to fly ?,

I'm tired of just staying here and looking into the sky,

I won't be afraid of taking the risk instead of losing the chance,

I won't be afraid of living my life instead of staying the same,

so fly, little bird, you deserve to be free,

follow your heart and I'll follow my dream.

Thank you for reading! :)


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    Hi. just discovered you and your fantastic poems right now:-) I really would appreciate if you also would post a song of yours here. And I really understand this little bird cause I pretty much feel the same. Fly and sing!

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    Beautiful poem! And welcome on Belle! :)

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    Wow. That's so damn good written! And welcome here on Belle! I hope that you find something you like to read! Lots of love, Wolfslady




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