Gargling With Mouthwash

Comment Ca Va! Je Aimer Vous. But Je shall not be an aimer at tu. Get angry at some of these fuckers, and they'll choose instead to spank you. Non very hard of course, but hard enough to say Bonne Nuit! that was painful. This was something I had to accepter, when I referred to some French girl as tu. "Desole! I meant too as in also." That is the life of the stupid Le Chat. "Annuler her order. Elle has left me again!" I said to the chef as the date left the diner.

The thing about being an aimer in the west, and an aimer to the France, the Americans just assumer you should get the hell away from that person. But they just assume you're an aimer for something else. Certainly not for anyone's aime and affections. I don't even understand their culture. Whether it's on videos on the net, or just in regular chatting they get on to me if I refuse to gargle my r sound. Well sorry, I don't intend to carry around mouthwash everywhere I go. I am the accepter of non of that fucking bullshit at the moment.

I shouldn't have told her about my sister, she will tell the whole world. I just my small part of it. I only took a small portion of her hair, is there something wrong with taking somebody's hair? Annuler that answer. These days I try to learn what I can about the language while I'm off work, and thus I'm gargling my bonjour in the privacy of my own motel room. And I almost certainly wont be watching stupid inter web videos about learning the grammar. Of course I already my grammar well enough. Of course now that I've moved to the northwest, I no longer have to worry about using those hick sounding words. But I suspect that at times it gets me into more trouble than I would like for it to. And most people here just assume you already know a certain portion of the language before communicating.

They're like programmers in a way.

You'll never learn anything.

Apporter the cane, I imagined in my mind. And felt quite profane. I imagined myself, while masturbating to carnal desires, caning the bottoms of college girls while trying to learn what to do with Tu and Vous. They would lift up their skirts, exposing their panties. And then all hell breaks loose with the cane. Wop, wop, wop, wop went the cane. And up to the ceiling they hop. Just what you need to loosen your inhibitions. I can most certainly augmenter the amount of strikes Florette shall get. I imagined Florette continuously asking for bottom caning, with me as her head master. But in reality I would never express to her these desires.

I already have trouble with the language.

She would have trouble with spank language. And these girls I would gently stroke their breasts just under the cups, while they are bent down over the desk. And I would gently rub my fingers around and around. And then up, up, up went my finger tips as they lick my cat fluids off their lips.

But I'm just an English teacher.

Not a college girl bottom spanker. So whatever I imagine in my mind, I separate these desires from my professional habits.

Besides I don't teacher college girls.

Oh believe me, I would prefer that.





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