As soon as Emily opened her eyes, she knew that this would be one of her worst days ever. Since she had gotten older her hangovers seemed to have become a lot more violent, the time she needed to recover from them a little longer and her headaches a lot stronger. She had no clue how she even got to her appartment that night and how the hell she got undressed. She did realize that somehow she must have been able to manage all that. When she heard footsteps on the hard wood floor she thought to herself that if anyone would have come to rob her right now she would have willingly given up all she owned including her own brain, the way it hurt at this point before she realized that the guy who is about to leave must have spent the night. Just when he closed the door she bolted for the bathroom. Her legs almost gave out on the way to the door and she barely made it in time to throw up violently and get out all the remaining alcohol out of her system. When she was finished she couldn’t manage to get up and leaned her head against the cool bathroom tiles and wished that last night had never happened. How would she ever be able to make everything ok?





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