Help me I'm in trouble

Emily finally decided to call Olivia who was with her the night before, hoping that she could clear up the mess she was in. The phone kept ringing for a good minute or so and Emily was about to hang up the phone when a really sleepy and definitely hungover Olivia answered the phone „Hello?“, Her voice sounded hoarse and it seemed like she was covering the receiver with her hand. „Hey it’s me, how are you feeling?“ „I’m feeling like I’m getting to old to do this.. hang on“. Emily listened impatiently as Olivia started nestling with the phone and evidently moving into another room. „I’m back, sorry – Marc is in the other room, didn’t wanna wake him.“ Marc was Olivias long time affair, something as close to a boyfriend as she had come for a quite a while. They slept together occasionally, especially when drunk and spent most of their spare time together, but when asked if they were together they both denied it with a force as if asked if they had stolen from their friends in the past. Emily almost forgot that she was calling about her own problems and asked „So when are you finally gonna admit you guys are perfect for another? I just don’t get it“ „ Ah shut up, it’s just Marc, he is just a friend, you know that! So what happened to you last night? I didn’t see you after we drove to that club, did you just go home to whine about Jonathan again?“ Emily was hurt, even though she knew that Olivia was probably right, she had been extremely sensitive when it came to the subject and had been pitying herself in the past weeks. But she missed Jonathan, and she didn’t know what else to talk about at this point. She could understand her friends being annoyed by this, but also were they the ones telling her to break it off for a little while until things got better. so she felt like she deserved to whine a bit more than usual. „I don’t really know actually“ she mumbled slowly and swallowed back some tears. „What do you mean you don’t know? You were drunk I know but that drunk? Well let me think. You were talking to that cute dark haired guy, the banker, or lawyer or bartender or whatever he was, remember? Why are you asking anyways? Oh my god, did anything happen with him? He was adorable“, Olivia kept rambling on with questions for a good minute and Emily’s head started pounding again. Was that the guy she had seen leaving this morning? She could have sworn he had been blonde but her hungover brain could have fooled her easily. She just didn’t know.
As Emily went on she thought about her and Jonathan’s first fight when they were together. She remembered it so clearly as it was probably the dumbest thing two people ever fought about in the history of mankind. They had been going out for about half a year and things had been perfect until then. The only thing even up for discussion might habe been whose turn it was to turn off the music when they wanted to sleep but that was it. So when they had their first argument it caught them both off guard and seemed more random than anything. Emily had been sorting through her old CD’s at home and found a CD without label on it. They put it on and listened to the stupid old songs they once seemed to like including and old rock song. They both knew every word to this song and when it was finished they started fighting about who the artist was. This fight could have probably been resolved within a second if one of them had just googled it but they both were so stubborn that they simply refused to admit that either of them could be wrong so they screamed at each other for 20 minutes without giving in. Emily had stormed out of the room slamming the door while Jonathan finally angrily punched the name of the song into his i phone. It turned out they were both wrong and both had to admit defeat. This should be the last fight for quite a while and even though their stubbornness got them in trouble many times afterwards this was it for now.

Emily snapped out of her thoughts just as Olivia finished with her endless questions.“Olivia look, I don’t remember, I really need to find out what happened last night, any clue who might be able to fill me in on this? Can’t you wake up Marc and ask him? He might know something?“ „Can you tell me what’s wrong with you? Why ist his such a big deal? You didn’t sleep with anyone, did you?“ Olivia knew Emily for a long time. They had been friends for almost 12 years and even though they weren’t always seeing eye to eye on everything they knew exactly what the other one was thinking or going through. Olivia also knew Emily’s silence and she knew what it meant. „Oh sweetie, that sucks! Don’t beat yourself up about it though ok? I know this seems bad right now but don’t worry, we’ll figure something out, Jonathan will never know, ok?“ Just like that Emily knew that this was a lie, only told to make her feel better, with good intentions but nevertheless not true. She felt the tears building up inside of her and she started crying like there was no tomorrow. „Listen, I ll come over if you want me to, I just gotta wake up Marc, can you handle until I have kicked him out?“ Olivia sounded sincerely concerned, even though this was certainly not the first time she had seen or heard her friend break down like this. „No I don’t think I can see anyone right now, plus I look like shit“. „I am sure I have seen you like that before, I ll be there in 30 minutes, but hey can you text me that new address of yours again?“ After Emily searched for the address as she didn’t remember her own number or zip code she but she knew this was the right thing do do told Olivia thank you and sat down on her bed to cry some more.
Olivia felt like an asshole. She knew that she could have cleared up this whole mess right away by just telling Emily the truth. She didn’t want to see her best friend beating herself up over something she hadn’t really done and she also didn’t want her to ever find out that she knew because she knew what that would probably do to their friendship. Still she tried to see the big picture and what her silence could mean for Emily in the future. So she decided to play along, just like she intended and hope than she was a better actress than she was a friend.
Jonathan pretended to listen to Danny’s hook up story from the night before for 20 minutes while his mind was slowly going back and forth to the night before, trying to remember something. While Danny was in the middle of his story he pulled out his Iphone and texted Oliver to see if he would be able to meet up and maybe fill him in about last night, Danny didn’t even seem to notice.





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