Hey! Look!
Here's a poem for you!
The grass' turnin' green now, the sky's oh so blue!

Hey! Listen!
Hear the birds in that tree?
Let's check that out, for who knows what we'll see?

Hey! Watch out!
There's a flower you missed!
Right at that place, where the first time we kissed!

Hey! You hear me?
You remember that day?
The best day in our life, now wouldn't you say?

Hey, what's up?
Why don't you talk?
The further we come, the slower you walk.

Hey, you there?
I can't hear you no more.
You're so quiet and weird, like never before!

Hey, don't do it!
Please just kiss me instead!
Once you break up, my whole world is dead...


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    Hey i like your kind of writting. :D

  • Author Portrait

    Really well-written! I like the sad twist at the end. You have a very good job here :)

  • Author Portrait

    Wunderschönes Gedicht, schön wieder von dir zu lesen! :-)

  • Author Portrait

    with lots of sad Feelings in the end ... :-( but the way you have written it is great :-) I`ll give you five from five stars




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