High Heels & Privileges

A few weeks later...

Erik, was showing around the hospital to his new colleague. Erik didn't know whether his tour was boring or whether it was just the young man's normal expression, his face looked dull.

"That's the cafeteria, Erik said pointing at the huge glass partition, but you won't spend much time in there."

The young man mechanically turned his head towards his colleague. Erik frowned, maybe that was his way to ask why? Just staring mind-numbingly.

"First reason is your schedule won't allow you to, Erik explained, and..."

He looked at a young woman entering the cafeteria.

"Aaaaand here she comes, Erik chanted obviously not found of the woman, and second reason she won't let you."

The young man gazed at the young woman Erik was referring to. Bundled up in a fancy suit, entirely at ease on 10-centimetre stilettos.

"She's the HR director: Ms Khan, Erik introduced her, she doesn't drink, she doesn't eat... she just walks in there to put pressure on innocent overworked people. Don't worry, you'll learn to hate her just like the rest of us."

The young man noticed how half the staff present was rushing to clean up their trays, while the other half seemed to have increased their eating speed, practically stuffing themselves. She was just walking around, her assistant next to her. She would sometimes turn her head towards a table, but she mostly didn't look anywhere in particular.

"Why do you hate her", the young man asked, not understanding why checking on staff was reason enough.

"Isn't it just a human reflex to hate on powerful independent women", Erik ironically answered.

Erik saw the shadow of a smirk forming at the corner of the young man's lips, but it disappeared right away.

"As a manager, she's probably doing her job, Erik added as the woman was walking out of the cafeteria, but as an individual..., he grimaced, I hope you don't have to deal with her."

It was too late for that, the young man thought to himself.

Ms Khan, turned her head towards Erik. She gave him that dull but deadly look. He reticently smiled at her, to salute her. Then she turned her gaze towards the young man next to him. She tilted her head... she had seen that tall one before, but he wasn't wearing her hospital's blouse back then.

"What is he doing here", she asked her assistant without losing sight of the newcomer.

The assistant frowned, sticking her glasses closer to her eyes... they weren't exactly standing face to face. She hesitated.

"Oh, oh, she finally exclaimed, that's the new cardiothoracic surgeon."

Miss Khan puffed, how could the head of HR not be aware of it?...

"Who hired him", she asked irritated, baffled by the fact that she wasn't involved in that.

The young man was just as austerely looking back at her, he certainty recognized her too. He didn't get mineral showers every day.

"The newly appointed chairman did", the assistant answered knowing that she was walking on eggshells with that news.

Ms Khan's lips deformed in a barely visible grimace. She knew there was something fishy about that new chairman. He had barely arrived he was already ignoring all the protocols. She sighed, there was nothing she could do.

"Double check his references", she asked her assistant.

As soon as she turned around and walked away, Erik felt like he could finally breath. He was petrified of the mere idea to have a conversation with that woman. He put his hand on his heart, exhaling terribly loudly.

"Let me show you your office", he finally said to the young man already leading the march.





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