I never wanted to feel
completely locked up.
Like I would be
a book full of metaphors,
a smorgasbord of words -
no one could ever untangle
or make sense of
not even the writer
I never wanted to be like that
I swear

no secrets
no hiding 
just a blunt exposure
of so many things
that I wish I could say
that I wish I could tell
that I wish I could be
but I'll never

And it doesn't matter
how much spilled ink there will be
how much of my guts I would put ontop
of every single page

how much pages I would rip out 
just to
toss them onto the floor
infront of you. so you'll understand
I could expose anything I am
and everything I ever will be -
it will always feel like I'm the book you can't open
and even if you could, you'd never understand
the mere maze of words, mixed together
in a way that's not beatuiful,
not at all
it never will be
so you'll throw  me away
like I never existed.

Continue with the easy ones
I wish I could, too
but I'll never


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    I like it, I love it, I read it again. *-*

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    A very good but also very sad piece of work. I hope that you'll feel better soon! 5/5

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    i agree with Hannah :)

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    All your works are so sad, but really beautiful nonetheless!




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