Hold your breath
and count to ten.
Ten seconds to remember,
the sun that warms you
is a ball of hungry fire.

I release my breath
and check the time,
no time has passed at all.
The sun is shining,
tender kisses on my face.

Not a ball of fire,
just a cosy intense hug.
No burning on my skin,
just waves of bliss.

I hold my breath
to stop the time,
Ten seconds of eternity.
The sun lays next to me,
Innocent and full of love.

I release my breath
to check the time,
ten seconds just have passed
and I start to remember
the burning ball of fire.

I flew too high,
now I will fall
into the deepest depths
and slowly sink
into oceans of oblivion,
cold water on my skin.
I crave the warming sun.





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