i want to build a big hollow ball
for myself, on my own
out of light invisible matter
guilt and worries, i'll swallow it all
i'll finally be alone
and only then i'll be better

when i'll be wrapped in translucent blue
the worldly sound
will never get through
i'll be no longer bound

i'll be free
as i put myself inside
  i will see them but they won't see me
it'll more than perfect to hide

the next thing i'll do 
is i'll stop the cruel flow of time
i know i'm a fool and that trying's a crime
and that i'll miss all the earths smooth scents
when for a while, i won't awake
but i'm so through
with all these sounds, all these movements
and i really need a break


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    Das ist so ein schönes Gedicht! Ich kenne das auch, nur zu gut! Ich liebe deinen Stil!

  • Author Portrait

    This is so touching! I know this feeling as well unfortunately, but living inside a bubble never is a good thing to do.... 5/5

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    I think I really, really know that feeling. Especially when I'm lying in bed and the sun is going to rise soon, the horror of a beginning new day makes me wish I could flee to a distant place, where time is frozen eternally and the protecting darkness would stay for good. That's not the usual Meg-is-so-dark-nonsense by the way, I really often feel that. Even though I'm kind of a happy person, and I usually really enjoy every day, while it is on - the thought of another day happening often strikes me in utmost terror, mostly in the middle of the night, when I suddenly become totally clear about myself and my place in life in general. Also, to end on a more positive note - I really love the rhyming patterns going on here, especially that a-b-c-a-b-c right from the start. Good job!




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