Instant Illumination


You say you see words

They roll down my spine

They glitter

They flow

They melt into wine


See a little girl jumping

Promoting her stile

So pretty

So lonesome

So lost for a while


Se an Angel that covers Tom Dooley’s mirage

See a changing

A floating

In women’s remarks


Tell me what do you see

Is it all about me?


You say in spring you’re fond of roses

Dark was the night

When you’ve heard about Moses

A blossom is something you really don’t know

And I am the one

You’ve chosen to show.

I am fond of your words

How they prepare my fall

I’am fond of an ashtray in a four-dimensional hall

Swirling’ round some old Greek pillar

Or some in a renaissance style

Remembering Leon (Da Vinci)

For a while

Cocoon is something else you say

I’ve heard about puppets and all about Che (Guevara)

Four coins to the kitchen

And no prohibition


Memories are like pearls

In the fur of a big wet beast

You see them and you don’t

They shine and they won’t

When the water is pouring down the fur

The future is spit out

Says ” I am ready my Sir!”



Want to meet you tonight

In our old fancy ways

One long green candle

Dinner’s prepared

But no host has been murdered

There’s a whistler in the rain

The piano is playing

The player’s insane

White is the table

And red are your cheeks

We’re talking about Jesus

Your body gets week

The clock strikes twelve

Magdalena is coming

In an old Roman ‘Stola’(Stole)

Starting to sing a song about Lola


You tease me

I kick you

The servants bring meet

You push me

I miss

To kiss

The bliss on the seat


Warm is the wine

That flows down your spine

You say









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    Sehr schön und philosophisch!

  • Author Portrait

    Very nice! Is there any possibility to listen to that song?




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