I believe
I found comfort
in the way you left me
on the floor
at 4am.

it was all I have ever known

scared away by the parts
you could never love
afraid of darkness
like a child sleeping with the lights on

I am so fed up
of people telling me they admire me
the bright blue eyes of mine
evoking memories of beautiful days
at the sea with the sun out

but it hardly ever is rainbows
sometimes it solely rains

so do not ever dare to tell me
that I am lovely
until you see
the rotting cage of mine
memories I wish I could forget
burned themself deep into my flesh
until you have seen it all
until you have cried beside me
on the floor
at 4am.

and do not ever dare to tell me
that you admire the strenght of mine
but rejecting the demons
that left me no other option

I am just the hand
I would have needed
so many

I would have needed someone
so many fucking times
instead of needing someone
I had to
become one

I will never need you anymore
I may have

if you can not love
every single thing within me
do not dare to say you love me
at all
if you can not love
every single thing within me
it is better you stay away


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    So strong.

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    once more, love it! :)




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