Je Mange, Le Chat

"I'm going to Je Mange your sister." said the human. La Chat could not believe what he was hearing, the could not believe what he was hearing. He did not want to think of what she might taste slathered with butter, and did not want to picture her being shaved and bare.

He pictured the man crackling in cackles, and going "I'm going to Je mange your face." It was a distance memory the teacher had preferred to forget, and so he would always get emotional triggers whenever the girls would eat lunch outside in the rain under the overhang. La Chat liked to watched the sky turn blue whenever it would stop raining, and thus never lectured them for sitting outside when most of the human teachers he had met during his lifetime would balk, suggesting that during the lightning it would be a rather shocking affair.

After the rain calmed down, he would Je Mange the droplets and let them melt in his mouth. He would sometimes catch them in a glass, and let the girls use the glass whenever he would teach painting. He pictured himself mouthing with his hand, pretending as if his paw were a mouth, and imagine his hand je mangeon the face of the man that had killed his sister. It is difficult to describe in exact words in French from a natural English speaker the sheer terror involved in seeing your closest relative go. Comment Ca Va? Hows it going sir murderer while I slit your throat with my stiletto blade. Although he shuddered from the thought of himself being a vengeful sort.

After the bell the girls left.

It had been a few weeks since he had stopped caning girls, although some would try to giggle at him and Je Mange his soft fur, he grew somewhat my chill over time. He took it in the same way a puppy dog would lick your face as if it to kiss you. He remembered the goodbye kiss he and sister made before she went, and did not like the thought of anymore kisses at the moment.

So he boarded his air balloon, and rode all the way to his country side home where hills were always greener on the other side.

Were the mouth in the kills opened wide.

On the mountain was his tree house!





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