Okay, the first thing you hear or judge whether anywhere and everywhere is the level of education he/she got; this is true at so many levels and we can’t help it, it’s like something that has become so habituated that it just comes out and its hot wired in our brains. What we forget is degrees do not define at any point the person; although it may seem like the perfect resume which might appeal to the corporates and anyone taking the job interview, we know nothing about the person and we have already decided the person from what’s been written on a piece of paper.

The sad thing about this millennial is that it is the most qualified and diverse generation and yet we still fight for the freedom to pursue what we really want. We get the job with a good hefty pay but we work from 9 to 5 and we finish the set of work assigned for the day and the next day and it goes on and on in a loop. No smiles and yes but with a heavy pocket. This makes me want to question myself and everything that we know. Yes the money pays the bills and it is a must to have a job but not like pressured to be on the job with the brains fried and unable to enjoy.

The frustration, “I don’t want to work like this but I need to pay the bills “, the vicious cycle of endless work trying to impress the managers: this is where it is wrong, we are working to impress, to get the promotion and not really for one’s own growth. And the innovation is forever kept aside that corner in our brains can be brought back but time is the enemy and we don’t have the time to bring it back and we don’t really try.

So what is the best reply or answer for this problem??? Because we still want to work but not in a way where it feels like a prison; the answer lies in the corporates’ answer to this problem. They can take the team out to recharge and indulge in various activities like team building activities, corporate off sites, soft skill training program, leadership programs etc. this is perhaps the best answer and effort to maximize the overall human resource of the corporate and this should be understood and known by the Corporates. It also give you the chance to know your office mates a little bit more than and who knows some of your office mates may like that famous food stall right around the corner; you got the break and friends as well.

There are various companies that are working really hard to try to bridge the gap and make the people bring back their smiles, energy and the soul back into the game. Companies like Quest Learning Institute not only designed the perfect outing but also helps in giving the message to enjoy and work at the same time.


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    It's a pressing issue, so thank you for writing that article. It is difficult to deal with that problem and to find a solution. There will always be injustice, and we can't really help it




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