Like so many times before, Lucy was standing at the edge of the Bridge. Her hands calmly resting on the balustrades, cars rushing past behind her in the rain. Like all these times before, Lucy kept looking up to the sky and she begged for a sign wether to jump or not.

A blast of wind swept the hood from her head and had her long blond hair waving like a flag. »Please god. Just let me know what I should do«, she whispered. Like an answer to her prayer, the stoplight on the other site of the road switched to red. As the traffic slowly came to a complete halt, a car stopped right behind her with windows open and Van Halen playing in the radio.

»Might as well jump«, went the refrain. »Go ahead jump!«

Lucy's lips trembled and her heart went faster. This was as close a sign as it gets. She took off her coat and scarf, and hung them onto an empty flagpole on the ballustrade. To the sound of the electric guitar solo from inside the car, she climbed up the railing, took one last disappointed look into the grey skies and with a tickling sensation in her stomach, she threw herself into the cold, rushing waters of the danube.

After the initial shock of hitting the surface and the stinging sensation of diving into the icy cold novembery Water, she heard what sounded like the voice of a little child, screaming in terror. Right behind her drifted a young girl, roughly eight years old, struggling against the stream, barely able to keep her face on the surface. Still reeling from the impact, Lucy gathered all her remaining strenght and swam through the raging water. Against overwhelming odds, she reached the little girl and grabbed her hand just in the moment when she was going to drown.

With her last breath she managed to reach the saving shore. She knew that from this point forward, she'd be able to look at herself in the mirror without regrets. It was when she pushed that innocent little girl up the grassy slopes, thus saving her, that she finally came to see the beauty of life - and she finally wanted to take part in it. In this moment, Lucy felt like embracing the world.

This was when a strong current got hold of her, yanked her away from the shores and carried her struggling body all the way to a cold and nameless grave. Even today, her scarf is still blowing in the wind like a flag. Every once in a while, a young girl comes by and sends a little ship made of paper with flowers on board down the river.


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    Eine sehr schöne und schlussendlich hoffnungsvolle Geschichte. Mir gefallen Deine Werke wirklich gut. Habe mal etwas ähnliches geschrieben, von einer Frau, welche wegen Depressionen von einer Brücke runtersprang. Sie fiel dann jedoch ins Koma und erlebte dann in einer Grenzwelt interessante Dinge, die ihr die Freude am Leben wieder zurückgaben. Vielleicht tu ich sie auch mal rein, aber ich weiss noch nicht recht, mal sehen. Jedenfalls eine 5 von mir und danke für die schöne Geschichte!

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    Where I live, some youngsters have jumped from a bridge in the forest, but there wasn't anyone to save in the cold water ... :( The first part of your story remembered me the crosses under this bridge.

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    tragically beautiful <3 gotta admit i had to laugh at the van halen part because i love the song

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    Ö.Ö You did a great job! I really like your story, its sad and beautiful at the same time...^^ (5/5)




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