Hey. :) This is a poem about the ups and downs life has. Enjoy reading! :)

Life is turning

Watching your world fading out and falling down, apart,
losing someone and with him a piece of your heart,
feeling like being able to cry all night long,
just not finding a reason to move on,

Feeling lost, feeling broken and not understood,
having nothing to hold on, but the things they took,
feeling lonely and not wanting to feel like this,
feeling delivered cause you can't just get out of it,

Finally getting one more punch straight in your face,
life's going down, getting worse and worse day for day,
'til the strenght of the pain makes you fall down on your knees,
getting showed in your face how god-awful life can be,

Being done with everything, being not okay,
but do you know it's okay to not be okay,
feeling like not being allowed to feel sad,
but do you know ? You are allowed! It's okay to feel bad,

Flying high and falling down,
going 'way and coming home,
feeling sad and feeling fine,
finding and letting behind,

Feeling hopeless, having hope,
touching the sky, hitting the ground,
crying silent, laughing loud,
feeling empty like a ghost,

Flying high or falling down,
going 'way or coming home,
feeling fine or feeling sad,
it's okay to feel like that,

Life is turning all the time
life has lots of different sides,
you'll never know how and when it'll change,
so hold on to the next day,

Going out while the rain is falling calmly down,
going on, standing up after times on the ground,
feeling the energy in you veins and all your bones,
feeling free, feeling saved and loved and somehow home,

Driving down the road with your best friends just for fun,
having deep conversations all night long,
feeling free after times where you barely
breathed out,
being able to laugh loud and jump around,

Finally being somehow able to let something go,
getting over something you haven't get times ago,
feeling the strenght of the pain getting lower, finally
getting back in your mind how beautiful life can be,

Being proud of finally made it through this,
if anyone says you don't deserve it, please, don't give a shit,
don't let them make you feel like you are not allowed to feel blessed,
cause, honey, you deserve the world and you deserve to feel like that,

Life is turning all the time,
life has lots of different sides,
I hope yours will get better soon, I really hope,
don't give up, someday it will 'cause it's turning 'round.

Honestly, nobody, no person is happy all the time,
we all bleed, some more, some less, behind our smile,
life is turning, sometimes it goes up and sometimes down,
but what I can say for sure is that it's turning 'round.

Thank you for reading! <3 Things will hopefully get better. Don't give up 'cause life can be so amazing in the future. And the fact that we will never know what is going to be is the reason why we should never give up and keep going. We will never know what is coming. What we might miss.





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