Mineral Water & Shade

The doctor placed a water bottle on his desk.

The patient looked at it, waiting for him to eventually hand over some pills with it. He did no such thing. He leaned back on his chair.

"In your condition, there's nothing to do but drink water and relax", he recommended the young woman.

She studied him for a moment. The results of the study showed: he was an inconsiderate man in his thirties. There was only one weary expression on his angular face. Now she understood why they eventually pushed her to consult him, he looked like he could convince anybody to fuck off. She was an expert at feeling sick and having doctors finding out that she was the healthiest human being in the universe. At least the other ones pretended to prescribe her some drugs... but this one. He was already looking away, signing papers, ignoring her.

"Drink water and relax", she mumbled vexingly while getting up.

She grabbed the bottle, opened it, leaned over the desk and poured it on the doctor's head.

"You drink water and relax", she advised him irritatingly.

Messing up his perfectly side-swept hairstyle. He didn't budge, closed his eyes as water was pouring on his face and dropping on his blouse. He was probably fuming inside but it didn't show... he always looked deeply bothered anyway.

Once she was done spilling the whole bottle, he slowly opened his long sharp eyes. Dripping wet strands of hair stuck on his face. He looked up at her, she was displaying a disgusted rictus on the corner of her plum lips. She threw the empty bottle on the desk, almost hitting him with it. She stood straight and lifted a majestic middle finger in his direction.

"Fraud", she muttered loudly enough for him to hear it.

She grabbed her bag, shaking her head, disapproving of this doctor's mere existence. He watched her walk out the door, unapologetically.


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    I have to agree with Megan here, you really do seem talented. Btw. I really love your pixel-sytle profile pic ;) welcome to our little family!

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    This is really well written! It is obvious that you put a lot of thought into every sentence. I'm really looking forward to reading more from you. Nice to meet you, and welcome to Belletristica! :)




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