There are these monsters that live in my head,
and they keep me awake, whenever I go to bed.
Their songs drive me crazy, I'm one step from mad.
Why can't they haunt someone else instead?

They promise we'll meet a fate worse then death,
Don't want to describe it, it's taking my breath.
My sanity slowly decays from within.
There's no chance to escape and no hope left to win.

They whisper their chants, they haunt me all night,
Their screams just get louder in the morning sun's light.
I don't know how long I can keep up this fight,
Because deep in my heart - I'm afraid they are right.

Am I insane? Are they just in my brain?
Whatever they are, they bring nothing but pain.
Being drunk somewhat helps, but that's hard to sustain.
I am screaming for help, but my screams are in vain.


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    Monsters in my head great idea and great implementation.

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    Ich liebe es, du hast dich mal wieder selbst übertroffen Meg! :D

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    I guess, that those monsters are in nearly everybody's head and life is just about learning how to decrease the impact that we allow them to have on our way of thinking and acting. This doesn't mean you are insane, it just means that you are human. I'll be here, if you want to talk ;)

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    That is the second monsters in my head I read today and no, you are not crazy. I know that too well..




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