When darkness leaves you
And you come to see the golden gate
Your mind feels light, your body like new
Step through to enter this perfect state

You will see silver people left and right
Like spectres flying through your field of view
You tell yourself to join their flight
As silver skin starts to cover you

You're moving through time and space
Passing memories of future and past
Such bliss to be engulfed in this feelings' grace
Beyond eternity, you find yourself on fields of grass

A hundred years must have went by
And not a second that you did not love
Beneath this bright blue sky
This magic ocean above

Centuries could pass
Without any worries, any troubles
When the sky turned red, and from the grassy mass
To the sky rose bubbles

Squares and triangles followed soon
And hearts and tears and stars
Enough shapes to fill heaven, they block the moon
A weird shaped carpet beneath the skies of mars

You disappear in this symphony of shapes
Sound grows lively, vision fair
Earth and sky melt, green-red lakes
And Neon colours fill the air 

You grow smaller and smaller
You start to fall apart
Until you merge with the colour
You become a tear, star and heart

Pulled away from this bizarre sight
My face is hit by the sun's bright beam
I get up and squint, it shines so bright
And I remember it was all a dream





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