When I'm alone in the dark
It hits me in the stomach
Like a baseball bat.

When I go out and drink
I end up crying in the corner
Like the world was about to end.

When I get to the screen
All music is sad and all pictures are dark
And all seems empty.

When I get high
The rainbows are gone and the monsters they haunt me
Like a nightmare in daylight.

When I get the razor
The blood spill doesn't hurt, I don't feel relief
What has happened?

When I should go 
I will be numb to joy and to pain
And nothing will remain.


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    It's a great poem, really. If you want to talk, please message me. Stay strong, someday you'll feel again.

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    When you'd be drunk crying in a corner and I'd be there, I'd get you out of it and hug you as long as needed. I hope you get better soon cause I deeply care for you, dearest.




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