On Psychic Espionage

This page will be for further explanation of some of the concepts of internet protocol over remote viewers. I've already gone over the specific details of remote viewing, however certain weaknesses exist within the design framework as it exists: even if a remote viewer can (at least in theory) break into some of the best of encryption technology, the details of the remote viewing are still transmitted onto the clearnet, especially if said psychic experience is trained and nurtured on outside of a cryptographically secure chatroom. Your chat logs can then be transmitted by microsoft, and your details further released to interested parties beyond your intended interaction.

The answer to this problem, is in developing an internet protocol revolving around remote viewing. In this context, the remote viewer does their remote viewing through guidance of a computer program (in my case, done in Ruby, although a simple framework can be done in Python as well, and other simple programming languages) and then encrypts their content before they release it to their instructor.

Later on, I'll be releasing some sketches in relationship to such a protocol.

IPvRV protocol glossary

Ideogram Autokey - Sketched ideographs whose image frequency is obscured by a permuted autokey cipher. Do to this factor, while comprehinsible to the remote viewer, requires skills of cryptoanalyses for the remote viewing mentor. In electronic form, this process can be automated.

Qrypto Meditation - Meditation sessions employing quantum cryptography to prevent the very fact of them meditating from being known to third parties across different anonymous instant messengers. The session is only known to the two individuals that seek to use guided remote viewing.

One-Time Ideogram - An idoegraph chart that is only used once for any particular session. Generally used to protect the privacy of psychics, the remote viewers are always one step ahead of those that wish to monitor their progress. When used in conjunction with an ideogram autokey and qrypto meditation, can provide for as secure a remote viewing session as is possible.

Etudiant RV -- A student in the field of cryptography.

Sensei RV -- A mentor in the field of cryptography for guided psychic phenominon.

Ideographs And Cryptography

According to wikipedia, ideographs are graphical symbols that represent an idea or concept. independent of any particular language, specific words, or phrases. Some are comprehensible only by familiarity with prior conventions; others convey their meaning through pictorial resemblance to a physical object. Such ideographs can be referred to as pictographs.

In the case of remote viewing, such ideographs tend to represent dimensional details within a psychic framework. This is the part of the remote viewing process that is most vulnerable to interception. Hence there needs to be a specialized process of encryption that compresses and substitutes ideograph symbols in order to hide their contents, except to those authorized to view the psychic connection.





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