One day I will fly,
I'll just leave all the fears down below
And be free up there in the sky,
Free from any trouble or sorrow.

One day everything is gonna be alright,
The emptiness will be gone and wounds will heal,
My smile shall shine bright,
And I'll be finally able to feel.

One day my heart will learn the art of trust,
And find its inner peace,
To other people I will learn to adjust;
To hold on, stay close but also to release.

One day, sadness will no longer be a permanent phase;
No, I know it will fade away,
And "I'm fine" will be more than an empty phrase,
A lie that makes them think I'm okay.

Oh, one day I'll truly be free,
No more pain, no self loathing, no more fear,
One day, there will be a happy version of me,
I just wonder, when this day will be here.





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