Give me something.
Don't give me hurt.
Somehow it didn't work.
Tell me it troubles your mind
like it troubles mine.
We just have to let it shine.
'Cause you're my runaway.

Where are you?
I thought our feelings were true.
What's your point of view?
Should we try something new?

Without you
I'm a Pale Rider
I'm weaker
and my thoughts deeper.
I just want you.
I just want to love you.
Please tell me,
what's true
for you.

They tell me to let you go
and I'll stay creeping on my own.
I touched your body
and felt your heart,
'Cause we're our own kind of art.
I don't know
why we need to break so hard,
but this time we won’t fall apart.

Without you
I'm just a Pale Rider in the dark.
So please,
give me something.
Don't give me hurt.





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