Part 8

It took a while but Oliver finally texted back to Jonathan who was still sitting across from Danny, half listening to his story, half wondering about what had lead him to do what he had done.
He and Emily had decided to break it of for a while a couple of weeks ago and she had moved out. Ever since then they had been in touch sporadically, but never really talking about anything that had lead to the break up. The whole situation was so fragile, they were both so vulnerable that anything they might have said to each other could have caused another shitstorm they both weren’t ready for. So they tiptoed around each other, talking about trivial stuff, like how her job was or what his mother was doing. It sucked and he felt like he was starting to loose her more than ever before. A couple of days ago he had, like so many times before, checked her Facebook page for updates, that she wouldn’t or couldn’t give him. There was nothing on her timeline, no new pictures or likes on her part and he almost logged out when he opened her latest profile picture and there it was, a “like” from an old flame, a guy they had had a couple of talks over, someone he had never particularly liked but that didn’t really pose a threat to him when they were going out. He wasn’t even sure if that like was new or old, but somehow it pissed him off more than anything else. He knew that their relationship, if you might even call it that, had been a long time ago, but he also knew that the guy had, especially in the beginning, tried to undermine him whenever he could. Emily had always told him about these things and laughed them off. She hadn’t been in touch with him, almost never seen the guy, but now, that he wasn’t around to speak to Emily about it anymore, jealousy slowly crept upon him. He knew he had to stop this, it wasn’t healthy at all. He went out for a run, and when that didn’t help, he decided to take the guys on upon the offer of going out for a drink- or 5. After all he needed something to take the edge off, and what harm could that do. Or so he thought.





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