Part 9

- You first noticed her doing it about 2 weeks ago. She doesn't have any pets, so        why does the old lady bring a tray of food out to the backyard every night? 
   Who (or what) ist she feeding?

- "What is it?"
  "I can't be sure. but I think it's human."

- You wake up in a mental hopital, signed in under someone else's name. 

- You get attached to a character but you already have their death planned out

- "I have too many friends - What I need is an enemy to play with ..."

- You wake up on the floor of your living room with a strange symbol tattooed on     your forearm. 

- "You are one of them now" She whispered softly. 

- The panic and chaos actually made pretty good cover. I don't think anyone saw       us transform

- A vampire with a rare genetic disorder that makes him get burnt by the moon,       rather than the sun

- One day you notice there's a new key on your keychain. 





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