Part 10

- A new invention enables people to remember their dreams with absolute clarity.   It turns out we were forgetting them for a very good reason. 

- "I don't care if you are panicking - just do it quietly."

- You and four others are locked in a room.
  You have no food or drink, only the clothes on your back.
  There's a number on each persons wrist and a piece of paper on the floor says       only "she is older than me"

- You stumble upon old home videos of you and your siblings as toddlers.                   Nostalgia fades away when you realize something isn't quiet right ...

- Dying is easy. Coming back ist when things get tricky. 

- TV ist interrupted by an Emergency Broadcast. The Anchor says: "Please remain calm and stay indoors." Before he can give any details, there's a power cut. You now hear the sirens going off in the distance. 

- You wake up in the woods with three others. Each of you is wearing what you went to bed in. You have no idea how or why you are there. There are four boxes with each of your names and inside each box is a clue as to why you are there. 

- That was the night when I finally understood why people fear silence.

- You have an unique ability. When wearing someone else's clothes, you change into this person. You collect "appearances" by buying clothes in second hand shops, but up to now it was just a game for you. Then you find something very special ...

- Death shows up to your twins funeral and declares he has made a mistake. He was supposed to take you instead. 





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