Part 13

- „This is all your fault.”

„I hope so.”

- Your character wakes up multiple times a week with unexplainable bruises on their arms and legs ...

- Her life changed when she learned the monsters were protecting her ...

- A cold breeze drifted through the splintered door hanging loosely from it’s frame.

- „It’s okay”, he said wrapping his arms around her as she shook with terror, „it’s over now.”

„No, it’s not”, she whispered back, „it hasn’t even begun.”

- „You have no power over me.”

„You are sure about that?”

- „No good can come of this”, he said.

- „It shouldn’t be this windy.”

„It’s October. What’d you expect?”

„We are indoors ...”

- You’ve been able to read minds since you turned seven.

Mostly, you watch people’s thoughts passively and undetected, but one day someone talks back.

- One day, everyone wakes up with wings like an angel. Soon after, scientists found that the colour of the wings depend on your character.

The better your character is, the cleaner - more close to snow white - the wings are.

Yours is decently grey, but your familys are dark as hell.





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