Mymble was no ordinary mymble. Most other mymbles were very happy with their lives and themselves. They never felt lonely and were always very comfortable in themselves. Mymble had been like that once, but that was so long ago that she had almost forgotten about it. She remembered once when she was very young and the other little mymbles, little whompses and the other little toffles and miffles had tried to tease her. She had stuck her proud mymble nose in the air and replied: "Piffle, this is the way I want things, so I'll do as like." The others had left her alone, because it's always much more difficult to bully someone who doesn't care to be sad or even angry.

The Mymble, who actually wasn't called Mymble, but something completely different, sighed and thought that she'd never be able to be as proud and self-assured as she once was. So Mymble huddled up in the corner of her bed and pulled the thick eiderdown closer around her and thought many sombre thoughts.

"I'll hibernate like all the happy families do", she thought sadly, "or at least go on holiday to exotic places". She knew it wouldn't be possible for her to do the latter, since she didn't have enough coins for more than the bare necessities. Mymble, whose name most people had forgotten or in any case didn't care to remember, stayed in her den for many months. She did it for far longer than that first winters. "I have winter inside me", she told herself. "I'll stay here if I want to", she added, though she wasn't nearly as sure of herself as she tried to be.

Then one day, she woke from her den with a new thought in her mind. She really didn't know where it came from, but she felt there was something new in the air. She got up and did her proud mymble hairdo, stuck her nose in the air and told herself: "Piffle, this is how I want things to be, so I'll do as I want." That wasn't quite true. There was much in her life that she didn't want to do, but no one, not even mean gaffsies or square old hemulen could tell her what to do or not do. She'd show them, all those who were slandering her or ignoring her. "I'll be like the old Mymble again", she told herself and almost felt it happening. "It won't be easy, but it's today it all starts", she told herself encouragingly.

She pulled out a notebook and began writing:

"Don't compare yourself to others."

This was a rather common mymble thought, frequently thought by the other mymbles, but it was important to this mymble to remind herself of it. It really is no use trying to be anyone but who you are. The others have much greater experience being the ones they are and you will only end up unhappy if you try to emulate them.

"See yourself through your own eyes, not those of others."

You're the only one who has the necessary knowledge about judging yourself and your actions. Everyone else passes judgment based on their own experiences and therefore don't understand. Then why allow them to criticize you? They don't have the right or the ability to do so.

"Set big goals and take the time you need to reach them."

Working on one (or more goals) is important. That gives you a sense that what you're doing is important. And you know what? That's important. It's your life and you only have one.

"But don't forget the smaller goals."

When you're focusing on those big goals, it's so easy to forget those daily little nuggets. Waiting for the big goals makes it easy to forget the present day. "A pot of freshly made tea is so luxurious", Mymble thought contentedly.

"Focus on the positive and work on seeing all the negative things as something you can turn into something good."

Even if your life has been sad, constantly feeling sorry for yourself doesn't help. If you do, the same things will afflict you several times over.

"Live mainly in the present."

If you're constantly thinking about all the good things that happened in the past, or all the bad things that have afflicted you, you'll be missing the present. Rejoice in what has been, but focus on the present. Now is the time when you're shaping the future you're dreaming of.

"Focus on what's good in your life."

Even if there's much in your life that you want to change and even if many sad events have occurred in your life, they are the things that keep you from changing. They make you weak and prevent you from creating the life you want. The positive aspects of your life, even if they are few, are what make you strong. If your old friends ignore you, forget them and move on. If you don't have that many friends, be your own best friend and focus on the friends that really mean something.

"My future starts today!" Mymble said out loud to herself and actually meant it, perhaps for the first time in a very, very long time.


© Minwynn





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