I’m naive to think that

fate will bring us together

I’m naive that I still

think that this will be a happy

ending. I’m so naive and still

I can’t stop thinking like that

thinking that fate will do its thing

if we are alive to only cross each others

path then let it be

if we are alive to be together then let it

be but I fear that it’s not fate deciding

it’s us - only us and we have decided

that there won’t be any we


I did not fall in love with his eyes

or his face at all

I fell in love with his word

the way he combined 26 letters

the way he made them sound like

heaven to me

the way he made me feel all special

I fell in love with words

I like to say that I fell in love with him

but it was not him I loved

it was his words he used

it was not him, only him

it has never been him


Dear future lover,

I’m concerned that you will question my love for you

the moment you realize that I’m a girl loving too hard too soon.

I’m concerned that you will think that I still love those boys

I’ve loved then. I’m concerned that you will be frustrated about that

because I am simply complicated in my own way. I’m concerned

you will think that there is not enough love for you.

I’m concerned that you will think that the love you give me

will not be enough. What I am most concerned about is the fact

that my love for a person never fades away wholly. And you have to

know that. You have to know that there will always be a part of me

loving other people as well. I can’t change the way  I am and

I can only hope that you will accept me this way.

That you will accept this too hard too soon loving girl

because you are one of those she loves and even though

it’s seems like not a big deal - for this girl every single love

she has is worth the world.





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