Reality Merely A Dream

Life is like a painting that appears differently to each viewer, each one manifesting as an image of rayism. The individual feels temporarily out of time and space, only later coming to grips with their new reality.

And yet they explain their revelation to others, each one experiencing different conflicting images. To ease the conflict, people simply go back to their old realistic painting of life. Beyond the dreamer's edge, one can appear in any world they want, and can influences reality how they want to if they are of a sensibility to do so. And so I find that I have the power to make new friends, and to bring back old friends from the dead. Having them hear with me now.

I am a kind of dream necromancer, manipulating and learning how the dead work seeing why it is one cannot resurrect the imagination.

My life has filled me with great frustrations. Life is one great childhood adventure, running along long treks of the dream world, only stopping to me et with different beings with different lengths of ears and varying sharpness of talons. At times one imagines themselves confined in meshes of framework prisons, having their legs smashed by unseen hammers in the dark. And your screams are not heard in that personal cell. Where one eventually hallucinates and sees strange things.

Among such strange things, I saw the image of the elf girl Lenora pointing at me, and directed me my way through the light, and she would tap her little wooden clogs, allowing me to hear where the right direction, lest I fall into some hidden put of the mind. And if I get six right in a row, she would have a complete tap dance. Then rub her booty against my my inner thigh. With her head still attached of course, as she is a hallucination of the elf girl I once knew.

And yet on some level I knew.

I had the power of the mind. And so I reach out my hand into the darkness, hoping I could resurrect the dead.

At times one wish for things one might think they might not wish for. Sometimes one imagines themselves wishing for things that are wildly different from their own desires, and yet at other times they may not even know what they really wish for until it is to late. And they can't change a thing. Yet for me I find I can control the nature of my dreams and inner wishes, and will allow for things to happen as they will. And then change differently at other times for different results. And yet I cannot master my own life in the same, as many things in ones life is outside of their control.

Thus as one becomes a prisoner in life, they may become freeman in the mind and if you so believe the spirit. One can change the world of their inner mind.

They can master the dream.

Thus I wait for things to change in my life.

I hope that my life can catch up with my imaginations. For I am my own master of dreams, and no master of my life.

I am observing things in real life many planes of reality along with the Lenora, watching many three dimensional screens of writers who came before a person like myself. And there I saw many classic writers, who wrote things long before I. And discarded many things before publishing before I. And yet some of them could not find any more encouragement in themselves to continue onward, switching completely writing poetry and verse.

I had always supposed my writing was a curse. Sometimes I see things in the night watching me, mocking me, calling my name. And yet with Lenora by my side I can not try to sleep, even if it gives me trouble; gives me dreams. And the stars above cannot separate me from the darling Lenora Lee. Because between me and the universe, she is not inside my mind forever. My darling Lenora Lee. You may find me quite pretentious, others may find me quite audacious. And yet the tenacity of the human mind endures all obstacles, in the eternity of time. For I exist for nobody else, but my darling Lenora Lee. Who appeared as if from a dream.

We explore the ruins.

We explore the kingdoms.

We explore the graveyard at night. And yet nobody, not even the demons on Earth can forever separate me from my darling, my Lenora Lee. Because I can control the nature of my own reality.

I am a master of my own dreams.

I can overcome night terrors.

Sometimes one might get stage fright, without ever being up at the podium. And yet when it comes to being on pod casts, and other means of performance they find they are among the best of friends. And yet for me I exist alone inside my mind, longing for the beautiful Lenora Lee. And yet I cannot have her in my real life, for life is much more than merely a dream. I have no mastery of my own life, and yet I act as my own personal shrink in my head.

I who once longed to be dead. Who once wished to be among the dead. Who once watched the removal of an elf girl's head. And yet for me instead, I exist without knowing what to do with my life still. The singing voice of the muse of life is rather shrill, with reality's country song singing the song of depressed clients bringing up the tabs, barely having money for the grocery store. And yet I sense a presence behind me, and I'm not sure who touches my shoulder. I think of the worst.

I think of ... yet that is no he.

For it is a she. It is my darling Lenora Lee, as she shows me how to play poker. And then connect the dots along the stars. For they have aligned just right for me to be with her at least one more time. And yet as the night closes, I feel that recurring feeling of dread.

That reality is merely a dream.





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