Rochester's vigilante

Tommy got John from the streets and brought him to Dr. Henry's lab. They then tied him onto a bed and went to the room where there was a communication device and a GPS locator where he could keep in contact with Anna and Tyler.

As information was given by the New York Police Department, otherwise known as the NYPD, the Lucas brothers were planning on robbing the second largest commercial bank in the United States by market value: Bank of America.

As it’s in New York City, Anna and Tyler had to use the motorcycle going about 100 miles per hour. In almost two hours later, they had arrived and took out their GPS. Dr. Henry was able to track their location and through the communicator he was able to talk with them. He held a map to the bank to direct Anna and Tyler, telling them where to go and where not to go, along with the easiest ways in and out. When they arrived Tyler and Anna got off the motorcycle and stood still, watching the place all over again, everything was planned between both Dr. Henry and Officer Tommy. Anna wore a device and a mask for a disguise, as so did Tyler.

“You are gonna have to put these on Terry “Anna told Tyler.

“What is that, a microphone? “ Tyler asked.

“No it’s a voice changer. You think the brothers won’t recognize your voice?”

“Oh yeah that sounds pretty smart, Anna.”

“Guys, are you standing in your positions?” Dr. Henry said over the communicator.

“Just getting ready. Bank surrounding area’s clear?” Tyler needed to make sure before they could move on with their plan.

“Yeah you are good to go.” Dr. Henry replied.

NYPD police men were surrounding the area secretly. Nobody seemed to notice what was going on.

The Lucas brothers were seen walking slowly toward the bank doors as normal men. Tyler recognized them both as Augustus and Evan Lucas.

Both Tyler and Anna were walking cautiously. they don’t know what exactly they’re dealing with.

Augustus just walked toward the door and stood still and put his bare hands on the doors, Evan looked at him.

“What are you waiting for stupid? Do it.” Evan commanded his brother.

Augustus looked at him and told him, “Patience buddy. I’m trying to focus. You think that this is easy? It’s all about focus.”

Anna wondered, “Why both of them are doing nothing?!”

“Okay Master Yoda, just get it over with quickly.” Evan said in a sarcastic tone.

The security guard suspected them and walked toward them, his hand was reaching towards his gun on his belt.

Tyler took Anna walked near them slowly in order to prevent any harm that could to happen to the guard.

“May I help you sir? “ A security guard asked him

“No thanks I can help myself.” and saying so, the door Augustus’s hands were on started to vibrate slowly. At the same moment, Evan revealed a shield to protect themselves from something and the guard thought it was a weapon, something that could possibly shoot at him; so the guard grabbed his gun. Slowly, the door looked as if it was about to explode.

Tyler and Anna were running toward the guard to save him. Tyler grabbed the guard, Tyler's back now facing the door. The door was vibrating faster. Anna used her power to strengthen the air pressure in front of her, increasing air’s density and creating an instant barrier. Augustus removed his hands while Evan was protecting himself and his brother with his shield. Suddenly the door exploded and the brothers ran into the bank

“You okay sir?” Anna asked the guard.

The guard was astonished and stuttered, “I'm... I a- I am okay!” Then he ran off with a horrified look on his face. Both Anna and Tyler made a small chuckle from that.

The Lucas brothers knew the existence of a non-human just like them, so they started to hide and run quietly so that they didn’t get caught. They also appeared to be scared of what powers Anna might hold that she could use on them, so they went right to the money. While going there even somehow they manipulated the guards and their emotions, forcing them to turn on and fight each other.

“You know what! Your wife is cheating on you with her boss.” A security guard claimed to the other security guard that stood beside him.

“How dare you speak about my wife that way! I’m going to kill you son of a..” The other security guard punched his friend and both kept beating each other. But fortunately, this was also distraction for both Anna and Tyler not to be seen.

Augustus bombed the security door to the vaults and started packing whatever they could, from money to golds. Augustus carried most of the money since he was the one in the duo with the muscles. Lifting all of the bags made him look tough as he pretended to use them as weights.

“Hurry buddy, hurry up they’re coming!” Evan shouted at Augustus.

“What? Not cool enough? Fine come and help me then.”

“Ughhh whatever!” Evan grunted and helped his brother fill the bags as fast as he could. They packed just about all of the money but as they turned around Anna and Tyler stood in front of their way.

“Going somewhere fellas? “ Tyler said.

As Anna started to use her power, she felt kind of weak. She bled from her ears and felt as if she were about to faint. Then in seconds she became normal so she tried again. However, she couldn’t use her power anymore. She had to rely on her fighting skills then and they weren’t that good. But even though, it still helped.

She punched Evan and Augustus hit Tyler so hard that he crashed to the wall. Tyler fell down and had difficulty getting back up. The only thing he could do in that moment was grab Augustus’s leg. He produced long electric sparks so that Augustus was electrified and fell down and passed out. Evan made eye contact with Tyler for a few seconds. Tyler thought his identity was revealed. But how could that be if I'm wearing a mask? Tyler thought.

Tyler then looked at Anna.

“Terry, why you looking me that way” Anna felt creep-ed out.

“You know that you are goddamn beautiful?” Tyler flirted with her.

Evan laughed while he woke Augustus up. Both of them grabbed the money and started to flee.

“They’re getting away with the money, Terry don’t let them!” Anna shouted.

“Let them get away with it, I can’t stop looking at you.” Tyler said.

“Wake up Terry, Wake up!” she slapped him, noticing of his weird change in attitude.

“Whoa whoa! What’s wrong with you?” Tyler asked her, with the most puzzled look on his face.

“What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you?!”

While they were quarreling, the brothers were running toward the door but before reaching it, A guy in black suit stopped them. He was wearing a mask that covered all of his face but the eyes. The guy had a lot of gadgets on his suit such as bullets, guns, and other small devices. He ran into the bank he threw a sonic bomb that gave off a piercing, loud noise that caused the brothers to drop to the floor. The guy in the black suit sped toward Evan and Augustus and skillfully punched both of them. He quickly grabbed his tranquilizer gun and shot them like he apparently knew that they had special abilities.

“You can’t work that way.” he told Anna and Tyler. This man in black and all of his gear was the city’s vigilante.

Anna and Tyler were astonished by the way he fought them and knocked them out so easily and even though he didn’t have any kind of a super power like them, he took both of the brothers down in minutes.

“Who are you?” Tyler and Anna said at the same time, amazed by this mysterious man.

The vigilante glanced at them before throwing a gas bomb, and disappeared.

No one outside of the building noticed the entrance or ever spotted the vigilante.

Tyler took Augustus and cuffed him in a way with a special cover to make sure he couldn’t touch or candle anything by his own hands so that nothing exploded. Anna was cuffed Evan and covered his eyes as she now knew what kind of ability he had.

“We’re good Dr. Henry get them in.” Tyler spoke on his hand held communicator.

“Tommy you’re clear, go and take them.” Dr. Henry said to Tommy.

Tommy ordered the police men to wait out there so he could check if everything was all right inside the bank.

“Sir please listen to me very carefully. Don’t ever let anyone touch this guy’s hands and that one. Don’t ever uncover him.” Tyler asked Tommy. Tommy wondered why.

Anna then explained, “Those guys have abilities that might hurt anyone so stay cautious all the road to the prison, hands off their hands and eyes that’s all for your safety.”

Tommy nodded and he understood. So very tired, Tyler began walking slowly toward the motorcycle. Anna followed and drove them back to the lab in Washington D.C...




Arriving back at the lab, Dr. Henry hurried to them to rest knowing they weren’t feeling so well. They were bruised and beaten. Especially Anna felt fatigued from using her powers.

“What did you I tell you, why did you use it?” Dr. Henry was incredibly nervous as if she was his own daughter. “You have me worried!”

“If I hadn’t used it we would’ve been dead, doctor.” Anna replied, hardly unable to speak. Dr. Henry injected her with a fluid which glowed and had a yellowish color.

“What is that?” Tyler stared.

“It is a medicine.” Dr. Henry answered with concern. “She shouldn’t have used her damn powers.”

“What kind of medicine is it?” Tyler wondered.

“The kind requires elements you would recognize off of the Periodic Table.” Dr. Henry answered.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Well, from the second dimension the beings who made Anna like this have reached elements from the Kapteyn system, a planet known as Kapteyn B, to be more specific.” Dr. Henry explained.

“Isn’t that 13 light years away from Earth? Anna what else can your people do?!” Tyler was very astonished by all of these facts falling on him.

“Way more than what I’m capable of: teleportation, time travel, even the atomic manipulation power I do have, I can’t use it perfectly the way they do. I feel like I still have lot to learn and a lot more to practice.”

“Wow!” Tyler was very impressed.

“Aren’t you guys dangerous to the multiverse? I can’t even imagine your people having bar fights.” Tyler wondered.

“Ha-ha bar fights! That’s cute.” Anna laughed. “Look, we have limits using our power. Not the power itself is unlimited, but it’s more like rules, morals, and ethics.”

“So those who don’t obey the rules, what happens to them? Do they get erased out of existence or something?” Tyler joked.

“Worse… deported to dimension-X, A dimension where-”

“Mutant turtles exist? “ Tyler said sarcastically.

“No, I said worse than being erased out of existence. A dimension where dinosaurs are never in danger of becoming extinct and active volcanoes erupt every so often. These change the atmosphere filling it with gases that neutralizes our ability so no way could any of us survive there and even if anyone did, they would suffer living there.” Anna elaborated.

“Obviously no one needs to disobey the rules ha-ha.” Tyler was terrified thinking about being punished in such a way.

“Anyway, how’s John holding up Henry?” Anna asked.

“He’s fine. I gave him some medicine which will help in his amygdala’s inactivity. He also went home.”

“You let him go? You know he’s not stable!” Tyler stood up.

“Don’t worry I said I gave him the medicine. Also the police near him, always watching.” Dr. Henry said.

“Anna I’m leaving, want to grab some coffee with me?” Tyler asked.

“Are you guys going on a date–” Henry laughed.

“It’s not a date.” Anna and Tyler once again synchronized in words.

The national TV news came on in the next second.

“Joining us now, the meteorologist Lewis Clark. Lewis what would you like to say about the situations going on, the meteors, the gravitational disturbance. Do you think it’s all connected?” A reporter on camera held their microphone under the man's face.

“Well let me first make things clear to the people. Any normal meteor coming toward us, we should all be alerted so everyone can take their precautions. Including the police departments and the army, all should be alerted and evacuating people from the place where the meteor would impact. Second thing is about the meteor itself. This meteor fell and never impacted with the ground. This one seems to have some characteristics that any other meteor will have. In a matter of fact, it fell to the ground but the body itself slightly repelled with Earth’s gravity. So it looked like it was landing, and it could be possibly connected since this one has its own magnetic field. And also-” Lewis Clark was cut off.

“Sorry to interrupt but we have urgent news about these missing crafts: 2 planes, 3 commercial ships, And 2 traveling ships-”

Anna turned off the TV with a look of disappointment.

“Do you think it’s related when you mentioned ‘something is going wrong in the dimensions’?” Tyler asked Anna.

“No it’s impossible to be related but we always have missing planes and ships what’s new!” Anna answered.

“It is not necessarily. They’re missing by usual causes.” Dr. Henry began. “The disturbance of gravity and the portals being opened, this might be related. Even more, they might all be disappearing in a portal or the passengers could have had the privilege of traveling to other dimensions.” Henry said. All of them were confused about everything that was going on. Anna looked worried about something but she was not telling them what troubled her.




“Don’t forget to come back early you two, we need more checkups on Tyler’s body, okay Anna?” Dr. Henry asked and Anna nodded in response.

Both of them went to a shop called the T-Café and ordered some coffee.

“Do you remember the first time we had coffee?” Tyler laughed.

“Who would miss that day? I won’t forget you spilling coffee on me!”

“Ha-ha it was just an accident.”

“Was it, terry?”

“Yeah what else could it be?”

“You ask me!” Anna laughed. “Also, what was it you said earlier, that I was “goddamn beautiful” back at the bank?”

“Stop I'm going to blush. I was just under Evan’s effect, humph!” Tyler became flustered.

Both of them had fun and joked while drinking their coffee, alone. They were wearing their hoods and the black suits, still keeping low in the public.

“Money and everything you got now!” A young man shouted with a gun at the counter. He was robbing the money from the cashier, who looked to be in her fifties.

“Ugh seriously? Can’t we ever take a break?! “Tyler said and turned towards the guy.

“Terry wait he’s armed.” Anna was worried about him as she wasn't able to stand up and help him.

“Hey you too! Give me your money!” The robber was demanding Tyler.

“Yeah of course but no gun needed here.” Tyler said calmly.

“I’m counting to three or I’m killing her.” The robber said, and pointed the gun toward Anna.

He started counting.

“One, two-” He counted until two and then Tyler–by his left hand– moved the robber’s arm that was carrying the gun, upwards. He fired a shot as Tyler moved his right hand toward the robber’s chest and electrified him. The robber fell to the floor instantly. Tyler tied his wrists with what he could.

“Call 911.” Tyler called to the cashier.

She nodded and she was so scared, stumbling to grab the phone.

Anna came and tied the robber’s hands and legs. She pointed his gun toward him until the police came to arrest him.

Both Anna and Tyler left and went walking on the streets. They talked about what just happened at the cafe. Anna expressed how proud she was of what he did and of his courage. They talked about heroism until they got back to the lab.

“Had a nice hangout?” Dr. Henry asked.

“No and it wasn’t a date.” Anna said.

“Who said it was! What happened?” Dr. Henry asked.

“Just a robber was trying to rob the cashier.” Tyler replied.

“Anna did you-” Henry was asking.

“No I didn’t use my powers, he did.” Anna pointed his finger toward Tyler.

“No need to worry Dr. Henry. We called the police, they took him. And if you were going to ask, no. No one saw our faces.”

Dr. Henry felt relieved.

Dr. Henry then asked them to come and meet a friend of his: Carl Hubert, a German scientist who got 2 PhD's. One in bio-tech engineering and one in chemistry.

“I would like you to meet Carl Hubert, a man who has earned ‘TWO’ PhDs.” Henry happily introduced him to Tyler and Anna.

“It’s not really that important to talk about my PhD's Henry,” said Carl.

“Sorry guys he is so humble.” Said Dr. Henry as he laughed.

Carl the German scientist has brown hair and brown eyes. Although he is fifty-two years old, he looks healthy for his age.

Henry, Tyler, and Anna explained to him all what happened since the meteor until now and what Tyler is capable of doing and what his problems are. Anna showed him every test result of Tyler’s blood sample, brain scan etc.

Carl looked very surprised and interested by all of the information he was given at that moment.

"But since I've emitted sparks, that means there's permeability from the electricity inside my body to the outside of it. So what if we somehow are able to allow some more electricity outside my body? Electricity is released when I’m fighting and I'm afraid whenever the adrenaline level in my blood gets high. Sometimes electricity gets trapped inside of me and I feel sick. Sometimes it gets even worse than that.” Tyler explained to Dr. Henry.

"So what if theoretically, we somehow are able to create some sort of device that allows more electricity to get out of his body and control his adrenaline. According to his will, he will be able to control his body’s electricity; and he won't be sick.” Anna continued.

“Maybe something can connect between his nervous system to outside of his skin.” Tyler suggested.

“Actually what you're saying could be theoretically correct but even if it’s true, creating such a device like that could take months or years. Who knows? It could take even longer! The technology we don’t have yet could finish it in a month more or less. That even after studying your problems in your test results, it might take some time,” said Carl.

“If that theoretical device never happened it would be a one hell of a life for me, I’m sick doctor.” Tyler said as his hands glow for a second and only Dr. Henry noticed them.

“But what if we don’t lack the technology, Carl.” Dr. Henry said.

“What do you mean?” Carl asked him.

“Look around you, it’s not hard to find the technology you need in such a futuristic lab like this.”

“Well let me check all that you've got. Those results of Tyler’s tests aren’t enough. I’ll need daily tests for him, if you really want a good device.” Carl instructed. “How about starting from tomorrow?”

“I have no problems. What about you guys?” Dr. Henry asked Tyler and Anna. Both agreed to the plan.

Carl left, Tyler and Anna were leaving the lab. As Dr. Henry followed them out, he noticed a red light in the motorcycle inside the lab, getting closer to him.

“Henry, it’s a tracker!” Anna noticed.

Suddenly the light went off on the entire lab. Everything went dark. As they stood together no one left the other. They thought it was some kind of a break-in or robbery. Only after seconds pass, some of red emergency lights went on. The man in a black costume walked in. His appearance didn't show very well but they could see his silhouette.

“Tyler, Anna, Henry, please calm down. I've only come to have answers.”

“Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?” Dr. Henry asked him loudly.

“How do you know our names?” Tyler asked.

“Are you the man who was at the bank?” Anna asked him.

“None of your questions matter right now, so let’s cut to the chase. You came to my city, you brought danger to it. You endangered the city by your inability to defend yourselves. You are no fighters. Then don’t get to wherever you go and mess with dangerous guys such as the Lucas” The vigilante said. He talked through a voice filter device so no one could recognize his voice. This guy was really perfect at hiding his true identity. His costume appeared to be so thick that it looked bulletproof.

“Hey, you are welcome, we were just helping. If this is your city, you could have been there before I protected a man from being hurt. Anna told him.

Dr. Henry was afraid that this man would hurt them, so he grabbed his gun but in doing so the vigilante threw a solid metallic object which knocked the gun to the ground.

“I said I’m here for only answers!” He shouted at Dr. Henry.

“And what are the questions?” Tyler asked him.

“First of all, I know everything happened since the meteor came down which is not a meteor at all.” The vigilante said.
“How do you–” Tyler asked.

“It doesn’t matter. What matters now is you are not welcomed in my city as long as you cannot fight, and you cannot defend yourselves. So tell me, will you even be able to help me protect my city or do you just come to show off your abilities?”

“Why would we even care? We should simply protect our city not yours.” Tyler responded.

“If you hadn’t cared you wouldn’t have come to the bank, and your city is safer than mine. So do not enter my city until you can fight.” The vigilante warned them.

“Then if you really think we have potential to help protect your city or even mine, then help us get trained, help us fight.”

The vigilante looked at him “I don’t have time for training. Help yourselves.”

“How do we contact you?” Anna asked.

“When only necessary.” the vigilante said that but none of them understood.

They vigilante threw a smoke bomb on the ground and threw another metallic weapon on the wall. The light turned on, and then he was nowhere to be seen.

Looking at the metallic weapons

“Shurikens, Japanese weapons.” Anna recognized the shape of these metal weapons.

“So he’s a ninja?” Tyler asked.

“Not necessarily.” Anna explained, “Maybe only the style that he fights in looks like a ninjas’.”

“Wait, look at the one in the wall it has a button.” Tyler pointed out.

“The communicating method, when only necessary.” Dr. Henry said.

Anna took it and put it in a box

“It’s late, I think we should leave.” Tyler said.

“It's been another long day. Let’s go.” Dr. Henry agreed.

All of them left the lab and went to their own homes.

Tyler rang the door to his house, and he hears the locks quickly unlock to find his mom frantically open the door.

“Where have you been all of these days son!? I have been worried as hell about you!” Tyler’s mother cried and hugged her son.

“I just went to Dr. Henry, the doctor that talked with us at the hospital.” Tyler told her.

“What did he say? Are you fine? Is there something wrong with you? Talk to me please!” She looked as if she hasn't been calm since he was gone.

“Don’t worry mom he said I’ll be fine.” Tyler couldn’t tell her about what else happened, it would worry her even more.




Time: 8:00 AM

Place: Alpha Centauri System

Planet: Proxima B


A group of men are sitting in a large room with advanced monitors and more advanced devices in the space mission control center. There were soldiers and two high ranked army officials standing.

“Stage 1 was pretty successful. Shall we Activate Stage 2?” One of the high military ranked officers asked a lower ranked soldier.

“We cannot take that risk, sir. It would be catastrophic for them.”

“Well let’s say it’s a calculated risk I’m willing to take. We don’t have time for discussion. War is coming and they need to be ready.”

“Sir, they should have time. They are not prepared.”

“Prepared or not, it’s an order. Soldiers, activate Project Kratos Stage 2 immediately.” The highly ranked military officers ordered the activation of Project Kratos.

Kratos Project is successfully activated.


Place: Solar System

Planet: Earth

Time: 10:00 AM

Simultaneously, fifty different portals open. Fifty similar metallic rocks that caused Tyler, John, and the Lucas brothers to get their powers are falling from the portals and begin affecting more than fifty people all over Earth.





















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