a room full of darkness
a small rocking chair
all I can feel is loneliness
it's a dark atmosphere

the little chair's empty
but though it moves strongly
it's wagging back and forth
without any worth

the old lamp's flickering
a lighthly voice's whispering
'if you stay
,my little friend, you will pay'

the shadows seem to grow
danger's in the air
the lights are getting low
there's a taste of despair
your feets are sticking on the ground
your limbs seem to be made out of ice
you turn around
the darkness looks back with red glimming eyes

there's the voice again
'now, you'll pay the price.
you have no right to complain'

with a loud
sudden bang
the lights go out

you scream out of fear,
because of the last thing you hear

 'you're a dead man'



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    Einfach nur super :D

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    Das ist soooooo super geschrieben...ganz toll!!!!!!

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    Danke, für all die lieben Kommentare :D

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    Wieder mal übelst genial :D

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    Ich hbe angst ;) Super Werk. :-D

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    richtig geil :D

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    Schön schaurig ^^

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    Wiedermal toll geschrieben! Sehr unheimlich! 5/5




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