In the land underneath
where sun doesn't shine
like a mouthful of teeth
ruled by the trine

there once lived a boy
of mercy and kindness
but he was deployed
by evil and blindness

his father, a fighter
the sage of all arms
his mother, the blighter
servant of evil, doer of harms

,,We don't belong here" -
so told his old man
,,I will save you my dear,
your dad has a plan"

but mother was there
she heard every word
then planned out the mare
that ruined their world

,,You will be a soldier
that's why you were born
it's time to be bolder
and do what you're sworn"

sent was to the force
Drizzt the young lad
to enforce the remorse
'pon the elves of the land

the never ending thirst of war
that no elven blood could sate
made an impact on his core
that forever changed his fate

he knelt and cried without a sound
there was putrid taste of death
in every corner of his mound
then he swore on his last breath
he will heal that ravaged ground

one they call the Slasher
quickly grabbed his shoulder
,,Don't touch these cadavers,
it's much worse when they're colder"

Drizzt did try to calm
but all he saw was red
with the shortsword in his palm
he removed the Slasher's head

he looked around and roared
knowing he's about to die
all the hatred in him poured
into will for one last try

he readied for the surmised
as the enemies charged
but soon was surprised
an arrow rain barged

piercing corrupt hearts
of all his so-called brethren
those precise and justly darts
were the gift of queen of elven

,,No one harm him, that's an order"
she looked at him and smiled
,,I am here to end your torture,
you shall come with me, my child"

,,Mielikki i am, the goddess of elves
I serve the forest and the light,
make the future for yourself
pledge your blade to what is right"

and so Drizzt abandoned darkness
of new eyes, with hope aglow
he was blind, but never heartless
an elven king who once was drow.





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