Shudder no more,
my frightened wish
else you'll be sore
and mute as a fish

shine no more,
my shaded sun
let me explore
let me have fun

shivering fate,
awaiting the slit
open your gate
I will be quick.

after an age
of tipping my toes
lonely and caged
a withering rose

to be your choice
your simmering voice

ordered to slavery
considered a toy
rid of all bravery
your gullible boy

and maybe I'd stay
keep begging the wall
you wanted to play
never thought you would fall

until a friday night
I was watching as always
got struck by the light
while creeping the hallways

abusive and cruel
a guy made you cry
he called you a fool
and said you should die

and right then I saw
the weak side of you
for the first time you clawed
at someone who knew

how empty and weak
you actually are
making everyone seek
what you cannot provide

well I've shed my lake of tears
gave as much as you would take
freed myself of all the fears
learned your heavy pride was fake

now, you flee
now, I chase
now, you bleed
now, I taste

with a knife under neck
and my hand in your beck
you don't dare to protest
for you know you will rest

in tears you willed
and blood I spilled
for anger instilled
by a dream unfulfilled

shiver slowly as I set
my desire in the pond
could you ever be more wet
didn't know this turns you on

in the end you're just a body
with a bunch of useless talents
for now I know your evil hobby
and I'm here to wreck your palace

shhhh, screaming won't be heard
shhh, darling take my word
shh, let me shut your eyes
sh, goodbye.





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