Run away and and hide in fright
while I saddle up my horse
I've got some leather boots tonight
and a wish with no remorse

I've got some leather boots tonight
and I hear that you've been flirty
y'know I got these leather boots tonight
and I intend to make them dirty

speak no more in midnight's gore
as my magnum howls away
now my boots are clean no more
but that's the price I had to pay

I left some fire and a raven
to slowly eat your burning corpse
I sent my love to Satan's haven
on a night with no remorse

oh I'll howl sometimes for her
when the moon is full and sad
when my mind and heart are stirred
by the one I never had

oh and yes I had to sin
with my magnum in these boots
and though I'm sad, I've got this grin
for at last I'll grow my roots

I tremble with the prairies, dear
as I picture your lips shaking
but they have never been sincere
so I had to end the aching

why'd I have to be your slave
why'd you lie and say you crave me
I left my dry tears on your grave
and these leather boots you gave me

now I only have this magnum
and our sins within my eye
my tuxedo's soaked with rum
it is time to say goodbye

I hope you'll forgive me now
I just had to make it better
but I never broke my vow
at long last, we sleep together

in the prairie, on the ponies
as a pair of starlings shoot
a group of riders tells the story
of my magnum and your boots.





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